September 21, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 17


I was woken up from the slamming of the van door and the sound of thick southern accents. I was in Tennessee. Our 9 hour drive through the night had put us 25 minutes outside of the venue in Chattanooga. We always try to get to the venue early and scope out parking and the logistics of load in if we can. When we showed up to the venue, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. There was nothing around that area that even remotely looked like a venue and we were a bit concerned the show wouldn’t happen. Fortunately we were able to contact the promoter and he told us the venue was across the street from the initial address and that it doesn’t show up on Google because of how new it is. With that settled, we opted to join the boys in Only Sibling at a state park about 30 minutes outside of town. (more…)

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September 20, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 16

tour-28-viennaAs a kid, I fondly remember being the first to wake up whenever I stayed over at a friend’s house. It was the excitement of riding my bike around all day with my buddies or chasing each other around the backyard with water guns that got me so amped for the day. I now find myself waking up last every morning. I cherish every minute of sleep and this tour has further cemented the fact that I am not a morning person.

Since I was the last to wake up, I was rushed into packing up all of my belongings before heading over to a laundry store around the corner. Luckily the others took longer than me and I didn’t feel as bad trying to play catch up. I used my time in between cycles to get some work done and call my parents for a check-in. My dad seemed surprised I called at all. He’s always given me the freedom to do my own thing and supports most of my decisions. It was great catching up with him for a few minutes. (more…)

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September 19, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 15


The Gang Visits Philly for a Day Off.

The whole crew remarked about how they’ve never gone this long without a break in-between shows. Normally a venue cancels a show or there’s a break after 7-8 days. This break came after 11 straight shows. It honestly couldn’t have come at a better time too. The van was starting to develop that famous “man” stench and the snack wrappers and organization was lacking due to exhaustion.

We started our day just outside of Philadelphia and wondering into downtown to explore the historic city. Rob and Roman had been to Philly on previous occasions and served as helpful tour guides to the rest of us. Dan capitalized on his free day by working for Postmates and biking around the city for some added exercise. (more…)

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September 18, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 14


Falling asleep on a couch is a treasure I’m really starting to appreciate. Dan and Roman opted to sleep in the van just down the street from Damian’s house so Rob, Joey and I took advantage of the space we had in the living room. 3 straight days of showering definitely put me in an overall better mood. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying myself, but I feel better when I’m consistently clean. Damian and his girlfriend walked us down to a famous bagel shop at the end of his street for brunch where we had arguably the best bagels of our lives. I owned up to my inner “basic-ness” and got pumpkin flavored cream cheese on my bagel. I regret nothing.

We killed as much time as we could relaxing at Damian’s before departing for the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster, PA. (more…)

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September 18, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 13


Waking up after 5 hours of sleep is never a good way to start the day. Luckily those 5 hours were spent in a comfortable bed with a bit of air conditioning. We were bound for NYC in the morning. Joey threw out his neck in Albany by head banging too hard and was incapable of movements required by a driver, so I took the reigns. A cozy 3 hour drive through scenic Connecticut put us in Staten Island around noon. Damian of Only Sibling was gracious enough to offer up his home for parking and sleeping arrangements later that night.

One of the things we knew we had to do while in the state of New York was see NYC. I’ve never been to the Big Apple and with such a close proximity to our location we had to take advantage of that. (more…)

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September 17, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 12


You know that feeling of waking up and thinking it’s a lot earlier than it really is? It was definitely one of those days as we all woke up around 12:30 in the afternoon. That type of deep sleep was needed for all of us. Dan didn’t even make it out of the van before passing out for the night either. Since the venue was only a brief 90 minutes away we still had a couple hours to relax and shower up.

Before we left for Albany, we wanted to circle back and see a dam that we passed by the night before. It looked absolutely stunning in the moonlight and seeing it during the day was still as spectacular as we thought it would be. Connecticut was breathtaking to behold. (more…)

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