November 29, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 1

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Getting ready for tour is always a strange feeling. Sleep schedules, time management, eating habits and budgeting are all twisted and contorted until they’re virtually unrecognizable. You constantly second guess yourself about packed items and pray your nice pair of headphones can withstand another beating. An hour on the road you remember you forgot earplugs for the shows and the snoring and subtlety swear under your breath. All of this is mechanical. It’s part of the journey. Tour never starts on a high. It slowly ramps up until a groove settles in. That anticipation is what you crave and relish in. There’s nothing like being on the road.

A little background…

This tour I’m heading out with Portland based rockers Icarus The Owl. I first met them over 3 years ago back in Michigan when I was writing for AltRockLive. Our love for music spawned a genuine friendship and we kept in touch over the years. On my last tour with Belle Noire, Icarus was also on the bill. With plenty of sleepovers and a hefty amount of craft beers, it was over all too soon. (more…)

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November 28, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl

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From Left to Right: Joey, Tim, Jake, Rob

Last September I wrote about my first time out on tour with Belle Noire. I received a lot of positive responses from people to keep doing these posts with each tour I’m on. While I’ve already done three before, this is my first time with Icarus The Owl out on the road. If you’re curious to read about a different perspective on the road with professional musicians, give this a read!

Written by: Patrick Marion (more…)

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August 29, 2017

Figure It Out – Silence Isn’t Golden

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Arizona pop-punk outfit Figure It Out have self-released their second EP, Silence Isn’t Golden just in time for the fall.

The Phoenix area has knack for filtering out the best modern pop-punk acts and Figure It Out is ripe for the picking. At first I was a little weary with the their first single/track of the album, “Second Best.” It’s a bold strategy to start a genre EP off with some “Na Na Na’s” and want to be taken seriously. Luckily, Figure It Out is in on the joke and make it work to their advantage. Vocalist Mike Weakley deftly blends his harsh and soft vocals together well to create a varied track. It’s high-tempo, catchy and packs enough grit to push it past the generic fare. (more…)

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August 11, 2017

Sum 41 – Personality In Music Videos

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While browsing my Facebook feed the other night I stumbled upon a post by Sum 41. It was a throwback post to a video of their live performance of “We’re All To Blame” on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2004. This brought back a momentary bliss of nostalgia as I consider their 2004 album, Chuck, to be one of my favorite albums of all time. I remember staying up late in early 2005 to watch Jay Leno with my Dad because I knew Sum 41 was going to be the featured artist. They played a rendition of “Pieces” with lead vocalist Deryck playing piano instead of his usual rhythm guitar. That performance always stuck out to me. It’s a beautiful song where Deryck is restrained and composed throughout. One of their finer live performances.

This lead me down a path of remembering where I was when I first heard Sum 41. Like most of my generation, I was introduced to Sum 41 in the spring of 2001 with their single, “Fat Lip.” This was a track that couldn’t be missed by any pre-teen or teenager. That impossibly catchy guitar hook, gang vocals and the relentless energy made this song a staple of my 4th grade summer. (more…)

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June 16, 2017

On Tour – 2nd Edition – Part 2

2nd entry 2

It has been 8 days since my last entry and already so much has happened. Here are some obvious facts: we are now 1,800+ miles further along our journey, we’ve consumed more V8 Energy drinks than I ever thought possible, and of course, we are catching up on a much-needed laundry day right now in Durham, NC.

Texas was an absolute blast. We dreaded Texas the last time around because of the sheer vastness of it. However, when you have 4 shows scattered throughout, it’s not so bad. Texas came out to party and we are so glad they did. The first stop was right along the U.S. border in El Paso. I’ll frankly admit I didn’t have high expectations for this town. You hear the stories of violence, corruption and rampant drug use, but our experience was far from that. We saw a spirited downtown. The locals were kind, generous and full of laughter everywhere we went. (more…)

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June 8, 2017

On Tour: 2nd Edition – Part 1

2nd edition

Hello all,

I told myself I didn’t want to write about tour every day on my second time out, but I can’t help but feel like I need to write here and there. You get a lot of time to yourself on tour (despite being stuck in a van with 6 other people for 8+ hours a day) and it’s important to reflect on your thoughts, priorities and the journey ahead.

I firstly want to make a disclaimer about my previous writings. As happy and gung-ho as some of the entries may have seemed, there was a looming negativity I never wrote about. It’s something that was never overbearing, but it did put a slight damper on one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I apologize if I mislead anyone with the aura of fanaticism I incorporated into many of those stories. These entries will be nothing but the earnest truth. (more…)

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