September 16, 2015

A Love Letter to Funeral For A Friend


As of 9/14/2015, Funeral For a Friend (FFAF) has announced they are breaking up. Funeral For a Friend was active from 2001-2015 and released seven full-length albums and over half-a-dozen EPs.

In honor of FFAF, lets take a look at their contributions to the post-hardcore genre, album by album.

In 2003, Wales natives Funeral For a Friend released their debut album Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation. This album debuted at the forefront of the post-hardcore/screamo genre emerging in the early 2000’s. The blending of melodic guitars, harsh screams, and well-utilized breakdowns helped put them on the map with premiere bands like Senses Fail, Silverstein and Alexisonfire. Singles ‘Juneua‘ and ‘Escape Artists Never Die‘ featured incredibly catchy harmonies over Edgar Allan Poe-esk lyrics that were popular in the early 2000’s.


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September 15, 2015

Adventurer – Adventurer


Adventurer is one of Blue Swan Records’ new babies.

This trio of rockers bring a palpable amount of energy and skill to their music and represent the very best that Detroit has to offer the post-hardcore scene. Their self-titled EP is an impressive debut of raw screams, clever lyricism, and funky beats that will leave you wanting more. They are currently tracking a new full-length album set to be released in 2016.

You can stream and download their self-tilted EP on Bandcamp.

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September 10, 2015

Ace Enders – ‘Hiraeth’


Ace Enders. Anyone moderately educated within with the pop-punk genre knows the name. If you don’t know it, you damn well should. Ace Enders is the genius behind ‘The Early November’, ‘I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business’ and of course his self-titled work ‘Ace Enders and a Million Different People’ (now just ‘Ace Enders’).

Hiraeth had very little momentum building before its release. This isn’t the first time Ace Ender’s has dropped an album with little to no warning. Last October, Ace dropped Growing In under ‘I Can Make A Mess’ out of nowhere. The entire album was a concept album he wrote while recording other musicians in his studio. Ace just has that kind of passion for music. Ace continues his exploration into concept albums with Hiraeth.


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September 1, 2015

Of The Fact – Adjust


Of The Fact’s Adjust is the second EP release from these Wisconsin homers.

Adjust balances its heavier bass and guitar distortion well with melodic vocals and upbeat drums to great effect. They are a rising talent in the pop-punk scene and are showing off a tremendous amount of growth already so early in their career.

You can stream and purchase Adjust on Bandcamp.

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September 1, 2015

AOTM: September – Make Your Move

make your move

Rick Pascoe – Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals
Aaron Fandino – Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Justen Snow – Drums/Backup Vocals
Keith Shinn – Lead Guitar

Make Your Move officially formed in summer of 2014 in Detroit, MI. Before then, they met and have grown as a band through the online social media sites of MySpace and Craigslist. Right off the bat, they found out they shared the same love for pop-punk music and had the musical background and chemistry to solidify themselves as a great 4-piece pop/rock band. In the Fall of 2014, after the official lineup was formed, they recorded their first EP: City Lights and Summer Nights. After the release of tracks Red Light Life & Miles In Between they played their first show at the Shelter in Detroit in July, 2015.


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August 30, 2015

Stories of Living – ‘Save Your Breath’


Stories of Living is the newest band to emerge from the ever reliable New Jersey pop-punk scene. Save Your Breath is their debut album from Standby Records.

“Enough Is Enough” jumps right into it. The quick-witted vocals in the chorus have a dynamic bass drum/lyric combo that sets the tone for the rest of the album in this angst-heavy album opener. “16.67%” may have a bit too many bass drops for its own good, but the track is infused with a few electronic beats to give the harsh vocals a very distinct sound. “Out There” shows them at their liveliest. This song starts off with a monster hook and is designed to be stuck in your head after the first listen. The lovesick lyrics may not be revolutionary, but they keep the song light and peppy. “Don’t Lose Your Dinosuar” keeps things lively with a rip-roaring chorus that demands you to dance and mimic the chants of ‘Who you are is just who you want to be’


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