April 15, 2016

Well Kept Things – ‘Homegrown’

well kept things

Spring is passing by quickly and everyone is ready for summer. Buffalo-bred Well Kept Things is your perfect dose of summer for the next coming months. Their debut EP, Homegrown, encapsulates all the best parts of summer. Listen to this EP with your windows down on a road trip or while drinking a beer on the porch with your friends, the feelings all the same. Sporting an engrossing indie-pop/punk vibe, Well Kept Things has memorable lyrics, hooks, and straight up fun music to get yourself amped up for the summer months. For friends of I Can See Mountains and Modern Baseball, check out Homegrown on Bandcamp right now. It’s currently “Name Your Price.”

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April 1, 2016

Lobby Boxer – ‘Big Bucks’

LB Pic

Every now and then you get the strangest group of guys that get put together to make the gnarliest music. Lobby Boxer hails from St. Louis and has released an absolutely dazzling debut LP, Big Bucks. While they are not defined by a single genre, they have compiled a variety of sublime guitar riffs, rick-rolling drums, and quirky vocals to boot. Big Bucks is available on Bandcamp and is “Name Your Price” right now. Don’t skip out on this.

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February 29, 2016

Stickup Kid – ‘Debris’


After a discerning quiet spell, San Jose’s Stickup Kid are back with a new EP entitled Debris. The pop-punk quartet’s latest is a short sampling of high-octane pop punk that’s a must-listen. You can pick up Debris for free for a limited time on the band’s website. We’re going to keep a close eye on these guys while waiting for their next move.

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February 18, 2016

Calling All Captains – ‘Disconnect’


Why does Canada churn out the best pop-punk bands? It’s a mystery, but I’m damn pleased they do. Calling All Captains just released their latest EP, Disconnect, this month. Featuring a dash of easy-core, a sparkle of sentimentality, and an overdose of energy, Disconnect aims high and hits its mark. Crack open a Molson (or Labatts, your preference) and nod your head to this downright catchy EP filled with enough mid-2000’s nostalgia to make your day.

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February 1, 2016

Bonfires – ‘The Way This Ends’

bonfires-no-text2One of the best bands to emerge from the Chicago pop-punk scene is Bonfires. Fueled with a never-ending amount of energy and passion, these boys have churned out 3 fantastic EPs. Their most recent EP, The Way This Ends, came out at the end of 2015 along with an announcement that lead vocalist Zech Pluister has parted ways with the band. We are very excited to see what the band has in-store for everyone in 2016. You can purchase The Way This Ends on Bandcamp for free right now!

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January 15, 2016

Heartless Breakers – ‘The Great Give Back’


Straight out of Mormon country comes the pop-punk rockers of Heartless Breakers. Formed in Salt Lake City, these John Stockon fans banded together to put out one of the best rock releases of 2015, The Great Give Back. Signed with indie record label, Animal Style Records, Heartless Breakers provide insightful lyrics with an up-tempo energy that will have you singing along all day. They recently released a music video for their single, Liquid Confidence. If you’re looking for some substance in a sea of corny pop-punk cliches, Heartless Breakers is a breath of fresh air.

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