February 2, 2016

Oranges: Las Vegas and Songs without Choruses

oranges-no-text Parker Hunt of Oranges performing at Strummers in Fresno, CA.

Despite a struggling Las Vegas music scene, Oranges have emerged from the desert with plans to storm the nation with their unique brand of turbulent hardcore music. The foursome put out an impressive label debut on Blue Swan Records with their album Taxonomy.

CPF: Who are You guys?

Parker (Vocals): We’re Oranges.

Mason (Bass): Yep.

Parker: We’ve been a band for about 2 and half years. We all went to high school together and used to be in a band called At Sixes and Sevens way back in the day. We’re kinda the only people we’ve hung out with after high school. [Laughs.] We have no friends, except for each other.


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January 25, 2016

Sundressed – Sobriety & Tour Life


On a mild, rainy night in Berkeley, CA, we got a chance to interview the pop-punk outfit Sundressed at 924 Gilman. The venue was covered with layers of stickers and graffiti from an endless amount of bands. This is no exaggeration either. 924 Gilman has earned a reputation as a must-play venue for local bands and anyone passing through. A nifty decibel reader positioned ten feet above the ground floor was a nice addition to a venue that discourages alcoholic beverages in or around the premise. We met up with Trevor (vocals) and Andrew (guitar) of Sundressed at their merch table to get the interview going.

Casual Punk Fan: So tell us a little bit about this tour?

Trevor: It’s been super fun. We haven’t been to the West Coast in almost a year. (more…)

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December 10, 2015

Super American – Golfing & Starting New


Super American is the latest Buffalo born pop-rock group to make waves next to the Canadians. Formed with previous members of I Can See Mountains and Thick Winter Blud, Super American has formed to fulfill your pop-rock sensibilities and put you in a good mindset. In preparation for the release of Super American’s debut EP, Golf Pop, we caught up with Matt Cox (Vocalist) to talk about life, humor, and plans for the new year.

CPF: So, it has to be asked, with the name of the new EP being “Golf Pop,” who’s your favorite golfer?

Matt Cox: As a lefty, I’d have to pick Phil Mickelson. (more…)

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November 24, 2015

Donovan Melero – Part II: Addiction and Sobriety

image1Melero performing with Sianvar. Photo by Michael-Rex Carbonell

In the second part of our interview Donovan discusses his struggles with addiction and how he found his way back to music.

CPF: I’ve heard you mention addiction here and there, would you be comfortable sharing that story?

Donovan Melero: Yeah, of course man. I guess I should say the disease of addiction runs in my family- in the males. My brother is a recovering addict and my dad is a recovering alcoholic, so I was kind of predisposed to get it. It started out in high school just drinking and smoking, but over time it just kinda got worse and worse. I started chasing new types of highs. It had a lot to do with being very insecure with my own self and not being comfortable in my own skin. I started seeking outside sources to find ways to feel more comfortable and that became using drugs. Eventually it just took over my purpose of living. (more…)

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November 10, 2015

Donovan Melero – Part I: Music and The Industry


image2Melero performing with Sianvar. Photo by Michael-Rex Carbonell

Donovan Melero lives a fast-paced lifestyle of performing, recording, and booking tours across the country. As the lead vocalist in two touring acts, he splits his time between performing on center stage with Blue Swan Records supergroup Sianvar, and singing from behind his drum kit in his own band, Hail The Sun. We caught up with him in Walnut Creek, CA while on a Sianvar tour with Idlehands, Strawberry Girls and Movements to get a better glimpse at the day-to-day happenings of a full-time musician and industry representative. In the first part of our interview Donovan discusses his current projects and how he get involved in the music industry.


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August 17, 2015

The Story Behind “Allomaternal” with RJ Reynolds

Stolas edit

On Thursday November 20th we got on the phone with RJ Reynolds (Bass, Stolas) to discuss his band’s recent album Allomaternal, and his role as bassist and concept writer.

SM: You guys just released your sophomore album, Allomaternal– how’s the response been so far?

RR: It’s been great. I think with this album we improved upon two of the main criticisms of the last one; the first being that the vocals were kind of harsh. We polished them up a lot and added a lot more balance between Carlo and Jason on this record. Second, structurally Allomaternal is a lot more direct. The tracks on Living Creatures were like our first 10 songs and the music was very dramatic and volatile. With ‘Allomaternal’ we focused more on making sure every part in the song was necessary. (more…)

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