September 7, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 3

tour 6 summit

It’s a strange feeling waking up and forgetting where you are. Hearing the sound of trucks passing by and the sun beaming down on your face as your back readjusts to normality will be a staple of this trip. Yesterday marked the first time I was able to fall asleep while riding in the van. To quote Dan, “I love falling asleep in the van. It’s like time travel when you wake up.” Hard to argue with that logic.

We woke up in the famous Little America truck stop just inside Wyoming. Roman was keen on getting a $12 shower in while the rest of us moseyed around for a little breakfast. We had a 5 ½ hour drive to Denver’s venue, Summit Music Hall. Denver is where Rob lives so we were looking forward to some home-style Denver hospitality. (more…)

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September 6, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 2

tour 3 nevada

Monday – September 5, 2016

Nevada. What an incredibly boring state to drive through. This is my second time passing through this desert wasteland in the last two years and I know it’s not going to be the last either. The distant mountains in the backdrop of I-80 are a small consolation as you pass through towns that look like the set of Tremors was filmed there.

Our stomachs are doing their best to digest the French toast sticks from Burger King as we embarked on the 5 hour drive to the first venue, Metro Bar. Today was rather quiet as naps and conversation filled the time rather briskly. My designated bench made it difficult for me to get comfy as the piercing sun engulfed my feet and required me to move frequently around to avoid the rising temperature. Thankfully the temperature outside stayed around 70 degrees so it’s hard to really complain. (more…)

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September 5, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 1

day 1

A little backstory if you need it…

Sunday, Sept 4, 2016

Today marks the first day of tour. We were initially slated for leaving for Salt Lake City on Saturday, but some last minute work was required from a couple band members. I arrived at Joey’s house in Milpitas mid-afternoon and met Rob for the first time. Joey was out running errands so Rob and I used this time to get to know each other a bit better. We had lengthy conversations about our favorite bands and what type of music we would be listening to out on the road. Joey’s wife has been ever so gracious to pack us a mountain of fresh sandwiches, snacks, water, and most importantly: beer.

Once Joey arrived we packed up what gear we had at the house and headed to the band’s studio in San Jose. There, Dan was waiting for us so we could load up the equipment. One of the most surprising things so far on the first day of tour is the calmness in everyone’s demeanor. (more…)

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September 5, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire

on tour 1 no text

I have been fortunate enough to join the local San Jose prog-rock band Belle Noire on tour this Fall as they make their way across the country and back. Tour begins on September 4th and ends on September 28th. During this time, we will travel from San Jose, CA to Chicago, Boston, New York, Orlando and many more amazing cities along the way. I’ll be accompanied by Joey (guitars/vocals), Dan (bass), Rob (guitar), and Roman (drums).

tour 4 belle noire

From Left to Right: Dan, Joey, Rob, Roman

I wanted to use this as an opportunity to document my experience with a touring band from an outside perspective. I have never been in a band nor gone on tour before, but have always relished the opportunity to tag along for road trips and this one looks to be the king of them all. I will do my best to write about my experience every day on tour and share with the world what are sure to be some of the most fascinating and unique stories of my life.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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August 17, 2016

Cheers to the Scratched CDs

CPF CD Banner

As I was driving on my way home from work this week, I felt I needed some music with a little bit of energy to keep me awake on my commute. I scanned through my Ipod and landed on Rise Against’s The Sufferer and the Witness. I was immediately taken back 10 years ago to when I bought the album in 2006. I remember driving to Walmart to buy it (it was on sale and I wanted to save money) when it first came out and ended up getting the censored version because Walmart isn’t a big fan of profanity. (more…)

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July 24, 2016

The Best Pop-Punk Albums You Slept On

As far as the general public is concerned, pop-punk is still a nostalgia driven genre that hasn’t produced anything noteworthy in quite some time. As far as people who avidly follow the genre are concerned, The Wonder Years, Neck Deep, State Champs, and Knuckle Puck are the greatest thing to happen to the genre since Blink-182. So, what about all those unsigned artists who pour everything they have into getting records produce and still don’t get the attention they deserve? This piece will touch on some of my favorite albums of the last 4 years that I’m sure genre fans will enjoy immensely.



Lost Years – This Year Brought Out The Worst In Me (2012)

Who doesn’t love a bit of pop-punk with some grit? Lost Years has been consistently churning out gold since they debuted this album in 2012. The music hits hard behind their devastatingly emotional lyrics. (more…)

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