February 9, 2016

Rome Hero Foxes – For When You’re Falling Backwards


Hailing from from Katy, Texas and recently signed to Kurt Travis’ Esque Records, this 5-piece progressive rock group is here to start of 2016 the right way. Releasing their sophomore album, Rome Hero Foxes extends their discography with smashing success.

“Falling Out” starts off with a heavy dose of self-reflection and some well-exercised vocals from C.J. Burton. Upon reflection, this opener is the most unique track on the album to feature elements not heard throughout the rest of the record (higher/whispered vocals, brutal lyrics). (more…)

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January 4, 2016

Super American – Golf Pop


Everyone needs a diversified collection of music. Even the most stubborn metal fan needs something cheery and upbeat every once in a while. A combination of abandoned Buffalo acts, I Can See Mountains & Thick Winter Blud, Super American dons its newly formed cape and soars into our radios and iPod nanos. (more…)

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December 3, 2015

Sleeptalk – ‘Young’

young ep art

If you’re wondering if we need more space rock in today’s scene; the answer is unequivocally, yes. Native California’s Sleeptalk have released their second EP Young. This marks the second installment of the trilogy of EP’s the band is planning to release.

“Phenomenon” perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the EP; dripping synth and rocking guitars, it shelters us with a blanket of warmth and inspiration. Title track, “Young” shows us the influence Angels & Airwaves had on this production. (more…)

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November 25, 2015

Handguns – ‘Disenchanted’


I’ll admit, I came into this record not knowing a lot about Handguns. I always caught a glimpse here or there, but nothing substantial enough to hook me. As an avid lover of Pure Noise Records, I decided to give these boys a shot.

Whoa. You’ll see this word a lot in this review and hear it a lot in the album. This record packs a punch. The best way I can describe Disenchanted is that it’s Neck Deep on steroids. That is absolutely a compliment too. (more…)

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October 24, 2015

Sundressed – ‘The Same Condition’


Cool. This album is cool.

Sundressed, the little band from Arizona that recently joined Take This To Heart Records have made a really cool album in The Same Condition. In mere seconds┬áthe band somehow manages to feel like an artist you’ve always known. All four of the tracks on the release sound just like the kind of songs you sing in a dirty basement with a cheap beer in your hand, loudly, and in unison with your closest friends. It’s familiar, fun, and a little rough around the edges. (more…)

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October 20, 2015

Icarus The Owl – ‘Pilot Waves’


Icarus The Owl is a 4-piece from Portland, OR who also happens to be our Artist of the Month. Pilot Waves marks the band’s fourth full-length release and their first release under their new label, Blue Swan Records.


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