December 17, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 17

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Los Angeles. Going into the day I was the only one with sympathy for the famed city. Maybe it’s because I have always loved film and television, but there is a sort of magical quality about L.A. to me. The rest of the guys mocked my optimistic view of the city as they’ve never had a good experience themselves. It probably helps that I’ve only visited the city for 2-3 days at a time. Small doses of any city can leave a good impression. I also don’t think it’s fair as a Michigander to judge places/cities on the quality of their roads. Traffic? Yes. Roads? No. However, with our current traveling accommodations that one-two punch was rough to deal with.

This tour has given me a whole new appreciation for Whole Foods. There was a Whole Foods by my University, but as a broke student for years I never gave it the time of day. With a fresh mocha and breakfast food we promptly started catching up on our work. Within an hour we had been informed we would be towed if we didn’t move. Onto the next Whole Foods we went. This location was a lot more accessible. We put up shop outside while Jake and Rob got some rest in the bunks. The morning went by quickly and we planned as far in advance as we could to best L.A.’s traffic and arrive at the venue on time.

Load in was brief and we procured great parking in front of the venue. Joey, Tim and I set off to explore downtown. It’s always interesting to me how L.A’s downtown is so worn down compared to other high profile cities across the U.S. With no specific direction in mind, we found ourselves at an old prohibition bar that specialized in french dip sandwiches. As the only eat-meater in the group I was smitten. They also had excellent happy hour prices compared to the ludicrous pricing at the venue. $11 for a draft of PBR is straight up thievery.

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The floor filled up slowly during Wolf & Bears set and Icarus garnered their largest mosh pit yet. As much as I wanted to have a few beers and let loose, the crowd was too dense to keep heading back to the green room to get more beer. Meanwhile Joey was dead set on getting some of the best donuts L.A. has to offer from Donut Friend. He borrowed a friend’s car and set off to get the craziest concoctions he could think of.

As midnight approached we congregated around the van. There was a lot of discussion about who would take the first shift. Sadly a lot of eyes looked at me. Yet another drive through the grapevine. My silent protest was to sing as loud as possible during my shift. Tim thwarted my plan by listening to his own music while riding copilot. It honestly wasn’t too bad of a drive. One last show. One more long drive. I tried to imagine how different I’d feel about the end of this tour if none of our problems occurred. Surprisingly despite all of the issues, I was still having a great time.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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