December 15, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 16

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The drive from Albuquerque to Mesa was looking to be about 7 hours with a few stops in between. I opted to sit co-pilot with Jake (yet again) for the first leg of the drive and see where my tiredness level was at. Meanwhile the other boys wrapped themselves up incredibly well in the back. We didn’t expect Albuquerque to dip down below 30 degrees at night. It was a borderline ice box back there. Tim claimed his shampoo bottle was frozen when trying to use it the next morning. Jake drove for over 3 hours before giving in and settled into finding a comfortable sleeping position in the passenger seat. I turned up the tunes and drove through over 100 miles of Arizona’s national forests. Sadly my view for the first half of the drive was darkness with little light from the stars.

As morning approached I watched the sunrise over the desert mountains and had time to reflect the past two weeks. I thought about how fortunate I am to have a flexible job that allows me to travel like I do. How grateful I am to Icarus The Owl for taking me on the road and putting their trust in me. I saw the beauty of the Southwestern United States and how at that very moment I was soaking up the sun rather than being barricaded in by snow back home. Finally I thought about how utterly exhausted I was. I had only had two 2 hour naps the day before and I was coming up on 20 hours without sleep.

A friend of the band, Blaine, offered to put us up for the day to rest and re-energize. Within 30 seconds of laying down I was asleep. With our electronics charged and still slightly hazy eyes we took off for the venue. Arriving at the venue on time has been a problem for us lately, but it was a welcome change of pace this time around. A quick unload and nearby parking elevated our moods. We spread out to find food and beer in Mesa’s quaint downtown district.

The venue had sold out that day and Icarus was looking to play to a crowd of nearly 800 people. The staff was kind and accommodating all night. Joey was able to play in front of his parents who came out to the show. He seemed to have the most fun he’s had all tour. This was one of the few shows without a barrier between the fans and the artists. Polyphia saw a fair share of crowd surfers during their set, but DGD got the mother load. Josh and Jake from Wolf & Bear kindly took the role of security guards and caught and escorted dozens of enthusiastic fans off stage. They told me after the set they hope they don’t have to do that again. Hard to blame them. It was a sweaty night full of energetic fans and lots of small annoyances, but still fun as always.

Band majority voted for a Whataburger trip for a late night snack. Joey begrudgingly stayed in the van and slept instead. As a native Texan, Tim was highly unimpressed with Arizona’s version of Whataburger, but still ate his whole meal anyway. I think it had more to do with us barely eating anything all day instead of the actual quality. I had no complaints. We piled into our respective spots and started the 6 hour journey to downtown L.A. Only two more shows and a lot of driving left.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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