December 11, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 13

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

I’m going to start this blog with a shout-out to L-shaped furniture. It’s the ideal sleeping arrangement for two. I can’t help but think it’s an unspoken bond between Jake and I, but we always wind up sleeping next to each other. Arriving in Houston in the early morning, the drummer from Vox Vocis, Zach, was courtesy enough to let us crash for a few hours before the show. Joey opted to sleep in the van and Tim slept on the floor since he would be waking up in 3 hours to go see his son. It was touching watching Tim get more and more excited each day he got closer to seeing his boy.

I woke up earlier than I wanted to despite it being 11:30am. We stumbled into Zach’s apartment at 6:00am so at least Rob and Jake got a solid 7 hours in. I used my free time to catch up on these posts. They’re a nuisance sometimes, but once I start I need to finish. As I wrapped up an article, one of Zach’s dogs eagerly greeted me and promptly urinated all over my sleeping bag and myself. I swear I have the worst luck sometimes. After I showered the plan was to head to AutoZone to see if we could get them take off our check engine light. I was fairly positive they couldn’t do that anymore, but Jake said an O’Reilys did it for him a few months back. Worth a shot.

As expected, the AutoZone and O’Reilys trip did not pan out. The van sounded worse than ever. Luckily we only had to go about 5 miles to the venue. The van struggled, but ultimately got us there just in time for load in. Dance Gavin Dance’s tour manager, Travis, greeted us with parking instructions, buyout for food and showed us to the green room. This tour would absolutely not run as smoothly as it does without him. While wandering around the venue I bumped into my buddy Spencer. Spencer has put up Belle Noire the last two times we were in town and he was promoting the show that night. We reminisced and talked about our latest tour experiences. It’s always a treat running into friends like that on the road.

Merch was set up right next to Dance Gavin Dance’s booth for the show. Their merch rep, Derek, is a beast at his job. DGD constantly has a line from when the VIP fans are let in until DGD plays. A nonstop barrage of fans for 4 hours with lines sometimes 40 people deep. Whenever there’s a break in the line I can see him take a deep breath and chug a bit of Red Bull. I’m not sure if I ever want to run a tour that large, but he does make some good money doing it. As the night went on it got progressively got hotter and hotter inside the venue. Once you entered there was no re-entry. Dozens of fans made their way back towards the entrance covered in sweat with hopes of getting a quick breeze of fresh air whenever security opened the doors.

Icarus played a strong set and the crowd enjoyed their on-stage banter. I was able to meet Tim’s parents and several of his local Houston friends. Despite being sweaty all evening, we all had a blast. Most of our stomachs were filled with good beer and food and the merch sales weren’t too bad either. Our load-out was unexpectedly quick, but that gave us an excuse to head out sooner towards Denton, TX to stay with the band’s friend Chris. The van of course struggled to turn on, but slowly smoothed out as much as possible on our 5 hour journey north. The next show is on Tuesday in Albuquerque and our fingers are crossed we can make it there in time yet again.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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