December 10, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 12

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

I was fortunate to get a decent amount of sleep in the bottom bunk of the van after our terribly unlucky night. I cocooned myself into a sleeping bag and drifted away instantly with the aid of little light and Jake’s faint snores. Joey startled me at 8am when he turned on the van to head to a nearby mechanic. My eyes wanted so badly to stay shut and the mechanic did not seemed amused when I popped up from the back and said good morning.

We opted to walk back to the hotel just 15 minutes away. The route took us by a nearly mile long cemetery complete with more Confederate flag than I could count. With a few hours to kill before we got the van back, Jake and I opted to sleep on the hotel floor for a bit. I was tired, cranky and still felt dirty even after a shower.

The auto shop fixed a lot of temporary problems with the van, but not the main issue with the engine knocking. They told us that the engine would fail very soon. Not the news you want to hear when you’re halfway across the country and only halfway done with the tour. I took the quick 4 hour shift to Dallas where we arrived only 90 minutes late this time. All the bands jokingly congratulate us for making it yet another time.

The venue was brand new and established in 2017. It by far had the best bathroom I’ve ever seen in the scene. This might not seem like a big deal for most, but scene kids aren’t exactly the cleanliest sort. Tim and I popped off for dinner and enjoyed some Tex-mex style breakfast to be washed down with some local vanilla porters.

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With yet another sold out venue, Icarus was set to take the stage. They played all of their planned set and got the crowd moving during their heavier parts too. The merch lines were steady and many were excited to see our brand new pink vinyl pressing of the new record. Local friends came out to keep the band and I company throughout the night and help me with the more unruly fans bumping into the merch tables.

By the time midnight came around we were already packed up and ready to head towards Houston. The van sounded good enough to continue the trek and we frankly had no choice anyway. After driving through the desolate parts of Dallas we found our way to a Whataburger. A true Texas treat and one that many of us were looking forward to. With a dangerously filled stomach we marched on towards Houston in the hopes of arriving intact.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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