December 8, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 10

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Thursday, December 8, 2017

The co-pilot concept with Icarus The Owl is quite different than I’m used to. In my previous experiences the co-pilot had to stay up with the driver for the entire shift. I learned that Icarus does not do this about 2 ½ hours into Jake’s shift. Weighing the options between sleep and breaking this lonely co-pilot dynamic seemed like a no-brainer. I also wasn’t tired. So there’s that too.

We had a very profound conversation that involved a variety of topics including: religion, parenthood, lost loves (me especially) musical tastes and becoming a homeowner eventually. We stayed up from midnight until 5:30am before I finally gave in. I’ve found myself in a lot of these conversations over the last 10 days. I’m a very open person so it’s a good sign of building a friendship when others feel comfortable opening up to me.

I woke up in a bright daze on the top bunk in Tuscon, AZ. Turns out we had arrived there nearly 5 hours earlier, but the band let me sleep. Still don’t know how I feel about that decison. Missing out on a real bed is a tour treasure. I stumbled in and met Joey’s parents: his mother’s caring nature and father’s sarcasm were passed down accordingly. We all did our own thing throughout the day. Plenty of naps, showers, laundry and catching up on work were the main highlights.

Unfortunately we did not get to stay the night. San Antonio was still 14 hours away so we had to leave at 9pm and drive through the night. I was given a pass for driving the first few shifts because of my unusual co-pilot habits. A long drive ahead on a van pushing 230,000 miles. If only we knew what was ahead of us.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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