December 7, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 9

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One of the smaller things I enjoy about our millennial generation is our ability to absolutely loathe Walmart. Every time someone mentions it I shudder with disgust. Take out the politics and you’re still left with a miserable place where it seems no one ever truly wants to be. People go out of necessity. Sadly, we do the same. To this particular Walmart’s credit, it was brand new and didn’t seem to embody all of the usual traits, yet.

I took the driving shift to San Diego. It was a quick a 3 hours I filled with 311, Alkaline Trio and Yellowcard to get me into a S0-Cal state of mind. We arrived at the venue two hours before load-in and we able to park in the lot behind the venue. Not having to search for parking or pay a meter can put everyone in a good mood. Wanting to experience the craft beer mecca of San Diego, Tim and I set off to get some lunch and drinks. We ended up splurging on a couple pricey fish tacos, but felt they were well worth it. Tim tried to get me to taste his octopus taco, I vehemently denied his offer. The one brewery we wanted to visit didn’t open until 3:00pm, so we would venture back after load in.

The venue was absolutely massive. It had a declined floor, full bar and a balcony with wait service. The security guards got used to me wandering around pretty quickly. I just don’t give off a band-member vibe at all. The green room’s were supplied with mini-fridges, towels and even a shower which I gratefully took advantage of. Once the merch booth was set up, Tim and I made back to the brewery and got a little too tipsy for our liking. The night was still early and despite my firm belief I am a better salesperson when drunk, I needed to cut back a bit.

This would mark the largest show Icarus The Owl has ever played. The show sold out right before doors opened. There was anywhere from 1,300 to 1,500 fans throughout the night. Jake and Rob both mentioned they actually get more confidence and less nervous when playing to larger crowds. They enjoy the challenge and relish the crowd’s energy. Joey’s vocals were on-par with the previous night and he was able to sing a majority of their tracks. The crowd fully embraced their sound and even started a few mosh-pits during their heavier tracks. I held a steady stream of fans at the merch booth who were happy to tell me how impressed they were with their set.

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The night flew by. Normally if I’m standing for four hours straight it’s exhausting, but when there’s so much going on it’s not so bad. Tim wisely retired to the van early after their set to lay down and let the alcohol settle. He was fortunately unfortunate to be gifted whiskey from a few fans. Throughout the night I was finally able to introduce myself to the rest of Dance Gavin Dance and strike up some conversations about the upcoming shows and the best food spots yet to come. My buzz had wore off and I was caffeinated enough to ride co-pilot with Jake on our way to Tuscon to stay with Joey’s parents.

Shout out to Observatory North Park for it’s incredible staff and venue. I really hope I can visit again soon.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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