December 6, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 8

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Nothing says dinner like a gas station hot dog and a bag of chips. Restaurants with late night drive-thru options are one of our mortal enemies. The van/trailer combo is always nerve-wracking and then there’s dividing up 5 orders. It’s just messy.

Vegas! We knew we wanted to get into town early with aspirations of gambling and running some errands. Jake and I established home base in a Starbucks while the rest of the crew took off to find a FedEx to ship some pre-order packages from the road. I think I’m slowly finding my taste for coffee. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.

Our venue was The Hard Rock Cafe Hotel. We had to double park behind all the Vegas taxis and unload as quickly as possible. Another downside of the van/trailer combo is it doesn’t play well with parking. After a 10 minute walk, we found the best spot for it behind the hotel. The room was a decent size for a show of it’s magnitude. All of the tour photographers were ecstatic about a barrier fence to block fans from being right against the stage. This makes for some fantastic opportunities to get some real good shots. I need all the help I can get.

Jake was keen on getting some gambling in. We had all discussed our strategies and our “don’t be greedy” rule. Before the set Jake came up to me cursing quite loudly. Jake did not follow his own rules. While I manned the merch table, everyone found themselves lost at one point navigating the casino grounds. Rob couldn’t find anything for the life of him and it was amusing watching our group chat be blown up with navigational questions.

Our dear friend Carlo (drummer/singer Stolas) joined us early on in the night. Icarus had reached out to see if he wanted to sing one of their songs so Joey could rest his voice. He enthusiastically agreed. The stage was set. Joey chugged down a couple small parcels of honey and sang a handful of parts throughout all the songs. Jake filled in for the screaming parts and I must say I wasn’t expecting the brutality of his voice. I audibly gasped and chuckled. I hope that’s not the last time I hear that on this tour.

day 8 - 2

Tim and Rob handed out as many free tour samplers as they could at the end of the night. Our main reaction when handing out CDs is typically a version of “fuck yeah dude,” but maybe that’s just a west-coast thing.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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