December 5, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 7

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Monday, December 4, 2017

I want to start out by saying I’m an animal person. I really am. I grew up with cats and I’ve always been fond of dogs. It felt like it just wasn’t my morning waking up to the sound of cats meowing throughout the early hours. The goal was to wake up at a fairly early hour and head to Reno to see our good friend AJ. The cats aided in that early morning wake up call, I just normally prefer my alarm better. After a disastrous start making way too much noise just to get out of bed, it didn’t get much better when I broke off the towel rack in the bathroom. Sometimes you just have those days.

We made our way through the mountain pass to Reno in a short amount of time to give us a few hours at AJ’s before load in. Those who hadn’t showered that morning took advantage while they could and I did enough laundry to hold me over for the rest of tour. The show was at a local Reno venue called Jub’s Jubs. We were all quite excited since it was the first show with Dance Gavin Dance and Polyphia on the Mothership Tour. These shows will only be getting bigger and thankfully warmer as we make our way through the Southwest (it was a cool 24 degrees that night).

Icarus was still fighting the cold that has plagued them the last couple days. They followed through on their plans to play instrumentally, apart from one new song; The Renaissance of Killing Art. I understand the mentality that if it’s the crowd’s first time hearing a song live you would want them to hear it the right way. Every member brought their energy up an extra level to motivate the crowd into doing the same. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Without vocals clearly bothers the members, but there’s nothing they can really do. It’s not worth it to possibly strain their vocals and hurt themselves further. Since Polyphia is an instrumental band, it’s not too out of the ordinary for Icarus to play their set without vocals anyway.

I made my rounds around the venue to introduce myself to the new band members and merch guys. This tour is shaping up to be one helluva run with these guys. A routine is starting to establish itself. Tim and I always try and find time to walk around the venue area to explore and possibly find some great local grub. Tyler (Wolf & Bear vocalist) and I have made a nightly ritual of grabbing a couple pre-show drinks and chatting the time away. Rob assisted me last night in handing out our Icarus The Owl Tour Samplers outside the venue. He was nice and cozy in his big jacket while I was dancing around for warmth handing out these CDs. I personally think it helped my pitch.

Next stop, Vegas. Hopefully our wallets remain intact by the end of the night.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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