December 1, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 3

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sometimes even with the luxury of a comfortable hotel bed you can’t help but twist and turn all night. However in one of my turns I found Joey holding an earbud out to me. I took it in and fell asleep to Saves The Day. The best part of this hilariously kind 3:00 am gesture was Joey not being able to recall this happening at all. He claims it was the first time he’d ever done anything like that. I took it as a compliment.

Tim laid down in the dungeon (lower bunk of the van) to help fight off his hangover while Jake and I put in some serious time with our remote jobs. It was a quick 3 hours to Fresno from just outside our hotel in Sacramento. With my limited time spent in Fresno, all 3 times at the same venue, I haven’t found much to really enjoy. The venue itself, Strummers, is excellent though. Great sound, lighting and everyone keeps to a schedule.

The show consisted of a great lineup of Blue Swan bands. Sianvar headlined with the supporting acts of Icarus, Eidola, Wolf & Bear and Andrés. Icarus was already well acquainted with nearly everyone on the bill and felt a warm welcome as we loaded in. I’ve known various members of each band from meeting them at shows, but never in a professional capacity. It’s a rewarding feeling establishing myself in the scene, even if it’s just for being a merch guy. It’s the little things.

Andrés brought a groovy sound to a night otherwise filled with lots of distortion and screaming vocals. A different sound for a mood that I quite often find myself in. Their set was tight and left me wanting more. I was quite excited to see Wolf & Bear’s set as I was a big fan of their latest album, Everything Is Going Grey. They took the stage with a lot of tenacity and passion. Once the Mothership tour starts, I have a feeling crowds will love their energy.

Icarus was quite nervous to play their set. Despite lots of rest and full stomachs there was a clear senses of anxiety. Icarus would be preforming two songs off their new album for the first time ever. Practice had been cancelled days before we left so they were nervous they didn’t have time to work out all the kinks. The crowd embraced the new material and nodded their heads as best they could to Icarus’s odd time signatures. I definitely think it was just first night jitters. It would be impossible for me to convince them it’s just in their heads and they played a strong set. Regardless, they will work out whatever issues they believe they have and march forward.

I took my first driving shift heading towards Santa Clarita for the night. I’m finally within a group of people who will only marginally complain about my pop-punk playlists while driving. Into the grapevine of L.A. we go…

Written by: Patrick Marion


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