November 30, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 2

icarus day 2

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

As you grow older it feels like all of the plans you make to actively drink on a night off always go awry. A giant case of beer to share between 4 people shouldn’t last too long right? Well, it started off with a struggle as we just threw on a movie instead and sunk into the comfort of our Journey Inn.

Today is a complete down day for us. Icarus did a live-stream of their new album, Rearm Circuits. They wanted to make sure they weren’t rushed; hence why we left Portland early. These guys seemingly have everything on lock-down. Normally I have to be the one campaigning for day sheets, scheduling and finding the closest Walmart’s for resupplies. This isn’t a knock on my boys in Belle Noire at all either. It’s like comparing two different relationships from different points in your life. It’s just nice to sit back and go along for the ride on this one. It gives me more time to focus on my actual job and to soak all of this in.

We treated ourselves to an excellent Mexican lunch across the street from the hotel. It’s my personal goal to take advantage of as much California style Mexican food as possible. Michigan sadly pales in comparison. Joey stayed behind to do a phone interview in the hotel and talk about the new album. Lots of media outlets have been reaching out in the last few days and Joey is on top of it.

The day consisted of conversations around a hot dog blog, chugging Coors in the hotel bathroom and watching far too many episodes of Rick and Morty. We were complete homebodies to the hotel room. Only venturing out when we absolutely needed to. To my surprise, we did manage to finish off our beer surplus and Tim might be a little worse for wear because of it. A quiet, peaceful day before the real adventure begins.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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