November 29, 2017

On Tour With Icarus The Owl: Day 1

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Getting ready for tour is always a strange feeling. Sleep schedules, time management, eating habits and budgeting are all twisted and contorted until they’re virtually unrecognizable. You constantly second guess yourself about packed items and pray your nice pair of headphones can withstand another beating. An hour on the road you remember you forgot earplugs for the shows and the snoring and subtlety swear under your breath. All of this is mechanical. It’s part of the journey. Tour never starts on a high. It slowly ramps up until a groove settles in. That anticipation is what you crave and relish in. There’s nothing like being on the road.

A little background…

This tour I’m heading out with Portland based rockers Icarus The Owl. I first met them over 3 years ago back in Michigan when I was writing for AltRockLive. Our love for music spawned a genuine friendship and we kept in touch over the years. On my last tour with Belle Noire, Icarus was also on the bill. With plenty of sleepovers and a hefty amount of craft beers, it was over all too soon.

Icarus The Owl consists of 4 members starting from the left: Joey (guitar/vocals), Tim (guitar/backup vocals), Jake (bass) and Rob (drums). I’ve been staying in between Joey and Tim’s places leading up to this tour. I arrived in Portland a few days early to soak in my favorite city and not feel rushed leading into tour.

I’m honored to be the first non-band member they’ve ever taken out on tour. Icarus is one of 3 supporting acts for Dance Gavin Dance’sMothership Tour” through the Southwest United States. Blue Swan label mates Wolf and Bear and Equal Vision’s instrumental outfit, Polyphia, are along for the ride as well.

icarus day 1

The official tour doesn’t start until December 4th in Reno, but there are a few lead in shows to celebrate the Blue Swan label in California. Our first stop is Fresno on Thursday night.

Icarus has the added benefit of releasing their fifth album, Rearm Circuits, on December 1st while on tour. The trailer is as packed as I’ve ever seen one. Wall to wall with gear, merch, luggage and of course Tim’s scooter.

A lot has changed since my first tour last September. There are so many names and faces I’m going to see again along the way. Maybe this time I’ll finally lock my budget down (fingers crossed). It’s a brand new adventure, with new bands, in familiar places. It has all the ingredients to be the best one yet.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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