August 29, 2017

Figure It Out – Silence Isn’t Golden

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Arizona pop-punk outfit Figure It Out have self-released their second EP, Silence Isn’t Golden just in time for the fall.

The Phoenix area has knack for filtering out the best modern pop-punk acts and Figure It Out is ripe for the picking. At first I was a little weary with the their first single/track of the album, “Second Best.” It’s a bold strategy to start a genre EP off with some “Na Na Na’s” and want to be taken seriously. Luckily, Figure It Out is in on the joke and make it work to their advantage. Vocalist Mike Weakley deftly blends his harsh and soft vocals together well to create a varied track. It’s high-tempo, catchy and packs enough grit to push it past the generic fare. The title track, “Silence Isn’t Golden” boosts everything you would want in this EP: a booming chorus, memorable guitar leads, and rip-roaring drums to keep the energy fluid. “Sleep Without You” is an ode to the 2007-2010 pop-punk era. It’s overly stylized guitar chords and progression channel the light-hearted nature of this era, but the harsher vocals of today’s era make it truly stand out. The build up, the harmonies, the shift to distortion is all superb. This high energy track will be a fan favorite and a crowd pleaser for any show.

The thing I like most about Silence Isn’t Golden is how there’s never a dull moment. With only 4 songs, it holds your attention steady throughout. When you think it will linger, it does a 180 and cranks it back up. Part of this is due to the production, but it’s also the vision these boys entailed too. The tone of this EP is its strongest draw. It’s light, but packs a punch. It pays homage to their influences, but shows us what they are capable of doing. Many of the tracks touch on different avenues they could go in, but they never stray the path too far. This opens up the potential for Figure It Out to try new things for their next release. Their sound isn’t set in stone and that’s a good thing. It’s time for the high-energy pop-punkers to make a stand in 2017 and Figure It Out is ready when you are.

FFO: State Champs, All Time Low, Seaway

Written by: Patrick Marion

Rating: 9/10

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