May 18, 2017

gP. – Destroy, So As To Build


Bay Area locals gP. (Ghost Parade) are here with their much anticipated debut album, Destroy, So As To Build.

Memorandum” rolls into frame with great anticipation. The driving bass line and rambunctious snare notes smoothly transition into an old-school Incubus vibe that dares you to move around. One will be quick to notice the unique production of this record, but I’ll get into that later. “Lolita” is a varied balance of harmonic choruses and fiery instrumentals. It’s an instrumental roller coaster that lyrically poses questions about the unknown paths in your life you might have taken. “Grip” pushes gP.’s strong lyrical writing further with an inspirational track of finding love/peace in the direst of moments. gP. subverts traditional pop tropes with their pulsating bass notes and rhythmic speed to keep things fresh and interesting. “Numidian” is a dreamscape of relaxation and harmony. The lead guitars are unleashed to drive the atmosphere into its chaotic conclusion. This is a side of gP. I’d like to see more of as you can hear how much fun they’re having.

The production on Destroy, So As To Build acts as the bands greatest strength and weakness. Each instrument is glaringly present in nearly every moment of the album. The bass has a looming presence through the record. In today’s music, bass is hardly ever in the spotlight; it’s hidden behind rhythm guitars and seen as a compliment rather than a dynamic force. gP. brilliantly uses their bass to play off the drums and act as its own entity rather than molding into the background. This is a rare feet to have a mix this clean. This is what helps separate gP. from the rest of the genre as it gives them a sound that is solely unique to them. The only downside I see in this mixture is that it’s jarring at first. We have become so accustomed to the way we think music should sound that when we hear something different it’s almost unwelcome at first. Once you decide to let gP. in though, it’s truly an enthralling experience. Not one instrument is on display, all of them are. Destroy, So As To Build is a record that is groovy, thought-provoking and delivers some refreshing rock’n’roll.

FFO: Incubus, Muse, Makari

Written by: Patrick Marion

Rating: 8/10

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