May 1, 2017

Super American – Disposable


Self-proclaimed Pineapple-Rockers Super American are fresh off their newest EP release with Disposable from Take This To Heart Records.

Super American isn’t your typical pop-punk/rock outfit. They’re weird in all the right ways. I’m sure long time fans are curious to see where Disposable falls on their ‘strangeness’ spectrum so let us get to it. “Sloppy Jazz” sets¬†Disposable’s playful tone with a handful of “Na Na Na Na’s” in its first act. This is a great way to rip the band-aid off and let listeners know they’re in for a fun ride. Vocalist Matt Cox weaves in-and-out of his twirly melodies and throws in a dash of spoken-word catch phrases during the tracks chorus. It’s easy to see why this was chosen as a single with its cheerful tone and polished sound.Missing Pieces” is a sure-fire hit for Super American. The mellow guitars, lively tone and surprisingly heartbreaking lyrics are more than enough to warrant multiple repeat listens. “Dumb” whips out the palm-muted distortion for a perfectly serviceable filler track. This track exists to let Super American blow off some steam and pay tribute to their influences from the pop-punk artists of the earlier 2000’s. “Rebel’s Yell” first half is a wonderful build up of soft, soothing and endearing acoustic harmonies. The second half seamlessly disposes these traits and lives up to the track name with a blast of fleeting guitar riffs and power chords.

I’ve been following Super American co-founder Matt Cox since his early days with I Can See Mountains. Cox has shown tremendous growth as a lyricist and musician over the last 7 years and it has never been as apparent as it is with Disposable. His vocals are controlled, meticulous and downright fun. Super American has a knack for knowing what parts of their tracks listeners want to hear the most. “Sloppy Jazz” and “Dearly Beloved” end with their cleverest and catchiest melodies as a subtle reminder of how they know you’ll come back. Super American really knocked it out of the park with¬†Disposable. Their sophomore release is jam-packed with instant hits, memorable hooks and a perfectly light-hearted tone to bode well with its spring release.

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Written by: Patrick Marion

Rating: 10/10

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