March 29, 2017

Less Than Jake – Past, Present, and Future

LTJCasual Punk Fan was recently given the honor of interviewing legendary ska-band Less Than Jake on their latest tour throughout the mid-west. Our guest writer, Sean McGrath, has been a Less Than Jake fan for over 15 years. He hopped on the phone with vocalist Chris DeMakes to talk about their new EP, Sound The Alarm.

Casual Punk Fan: You guys have been at it for about 25 years. A lot of bands in the scene don’t make it nearly this long, especially considering you’ve had the same lineup almost this whole time. How do you pull off this kind of longevity as a band?

Chris DeMakes: Just learning how to tour smarter (laughs). We’re not doing the things now that we were doing in our 20s. (more…)

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