January 31, 2017

Summer Wars/High Wire Split

Summer Wars Split EP Art

I first caught wind of Summer Wars when they released their Acoustic EP in early 2016. Up until that point I only knew of their acoustic renditions and wasn’t sure what to expect with their full line-up. I back pedaled and found myself really enjoying their earlier works.

With this new split, Summer Wars has fully embraced their inner “I Call Fives” and released two non-stop action packed tracks. Once “Something To Call My Own” gets going, it doesn’t let up. “Tear Me Down” feels like a brother to the opener. The simple guitar riff throughout the second verse and into the chorus is the perfect backdrop to keep the beat grounded. It adds just the right amount of flavor without going overboard. The two tracks are layered well boisterous drum beats, snakelike bass lines, and front and center guitar leads.

I feel like I need to move to Chicago to truly embrace the spectacular pop-punk scene they have culminated over the years. The vocals are a combination of The Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo and Blink’s Mark Hoppus. Who knew how magical that combination could be? The production is crisp. There are well placed harmonies throughout the two tracks to help mellow out the often powerful distortion. This isn’t a knock on the distortion either. These songs are straight up bangers.

In my experience EP’s can go one of two ways. Option 1: the tracks included are leftover from an upcoming EP/LP and are put out to by some time before the inevitable release of the bigger project. If a band hasn’t released anything in a while, it’s a low-key way of showing the fan base they’re alive. Option 2: one or both tracks will be part of an upcoming EP/LP and are released to bring in hype for the upcoming releases. We’ve seen both of these releases before from who knows how many bands. I’m not saying these are the only two reasons for a split, but they’re the most common in my experience. However, this Summer Wars/High Wire release plays like it’s definitely Option 2. The production is excellent and all 4 tracks are straight up hits in their own right. Wherever these bands are going in 2017, I want to be a part of it.

Check out the two tracks from Summer Wars here and from High Wire here on Bandcamp.

Written by: Patrick Marion

Rating: 10/10

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