January 31, 2017

Summer Wars/High Wire Split

Summer Wars Split EP Art

I first caught wind of Summer Wars when they released their Acoustic EP in early 2016. Up until that point I only knew of their acoustic renditions and wasn’t sure what to expect with their full line-up. I back pedaled and found myself really enjoying their earlier works.

With this new split, Summer Wars has fully embraced their inner “I Call Fives” and released two non-stop action packed tracks. Once “Something To Call My Own” gets going, it doesn’t let up. “Tear Me Down” feels like a brother to the opener. The simple guitar riff throughout the second verse and into the chorus is the perfect backdrop to keep the beat grounded. (more…)

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January 16, 2017

Top Albums of 2016

A little late to the party, but here’s our Top Albums of 2016 by myself (Patrick) and my new writing partner (Adam).

With Confidence – Better Weather

I gotta hand it to Australia this year. They produced two of my absolute favorite pop-punk records of the year. With Confidence made their debut with Better Weather, released from Hopeless Records. Hopeless has been doing an admirable job at recruiting new and exciting pop-punk bands and With Confidence is another successful investment. Backed by a crisp production, With Confidence’s debut album is chalk full of everything that makes a genre album exciting: strong vocals, catchy melodies, exciting riffs, and most importantly, staying power. (more…)

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January 5, 2017

AOTM: January – Atlas Mason


January 2017’s Artist of the Month is Atlas Mason from Austin, TX. I had a chance to watch these young men open for Belle Noire while I was on tour with them back in September of 2016. This is a very exciting band that’s breathing new air into the alternative rock scene in Austin. Check out our interview below.

Brian K – (Guitar/Vocals)
Joel S – (Guitar)

Casual Punk Fan: I read about the recording of your debut LP, Treasure Island. You guys did two weeks in the middle of nowhere with nothing except your thoughts, instruments, and each other. You said it was very important for how the record came out the way it did. Do you think this will be a new tradition you’ll use for future recordings?

Brian: I think for the writing process, yes. For the recording, no. *laughs* It was a fun time and I would write the record that way, but I would not want to record it that way again. (more…)

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