December 18, 2016

5 Pop-Punk EP’s You May Have Missed This Year (2016)

Every year we see a surge of amazing pop-punk artists release some fantastic material. This list is to acknowledge 5 of those releases that need to be heard by the pop-punk community repeatedly. Let’s dive in.


Giants At Large – Place & Time
Long Island, NY
Label: Unsigned

Giants At Large continue to be the most consistent artist in the genre. The bands matures along with their music as they continue to push their musical boundaries and artistic style. Place & Time is an intimate love letter to their hometown in Long Island. Each track title refers to a memory of growing up in LI. The impressive guitar work, sincere lyrics, and well-timed harmonies help bring this very personal EP to life.

FFO: Transit, The Maine, Bonfires


Capstan – Cultural Divide
Orlando, FL
Label: Unsigned

This band is simply remarkable top to bottom. Cultural Divide finds Capstan’s dynamic sound refined into a brisk and powerful 5-track EP. It’s extremely difficult to place Capstan in one particular genre, but there’s enough “punk” in this release for it to qualify. Powered by Anthony DeMario’s haunting lyrics and some insanely inspired guitar riffs, this EP is a must have for anyone who craves something harder within the genre. I don’t exaggerate when I say this EP is a borderline masterpiece.

FFO: I honestly have no idea. Just check them out.


The Other Stars – We Were Kids
Worcester, MA
Label: Take This To Heart Records

The Other Stars are my favorite band of 2016 right now. I’ve gone into length about this EP and yet I still see very little talk about its brilliance. This EP is what I wanted from Modern Baseball’s latest release (I know it’s blasphemy I didn’t like it). The sing-talk combination works extremely well for vocalist Connor Bird as he expertly dances the line between his heavy/soft vocal cadences. We Were Kids provides plenty of fun in their uptempo songs and a hardy helping of angelic guitar riffs to admire in their slower tracks.

FFO: Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms


Ship Captain Crew – The Ocean Floor
Chicago, IL
Label: Unsigned

I’m continually impressed by the production quality of Ship Captain Crew. This band is the offspring of the late Dangerous Summer and Jimmy Eat World. Every time I listen to them I can’t help but think of four friends playing music because they love to. “Dear Mara, Sincerely Sarah” is the rare love-song in pop-punk that doesn’t feel cheesy or fabricated. It’s a serene track that evokes some powerful emotions for anyone in love. The acoustic tracks are an added bonus that compliment the originals beautifully too.

FFO: The Dangerous Summer, Jimmy Eat World, On My Honor


Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes – Self Titled
Los Angeles, LA
Label: Bad Timing Records

Who wants to feel nostalgic? This band is the combination of Senses Fail front-man Buddy Nielsen and a handful of members of Finch. Sounds like a match made in heaven right? Yes. You are right. Speak The Truth’s… self-titled release features only two tracks, but what these two tracks do is truly remarkable. “Crash My Car” features an early 2000’s guitar riff that transports you back in time to when you fell in love with these two iconic bands. This band’s purpose is to bring back those sweet memories and let you have fun while they’re doing it.

FFO: Old Senses Fail, Old Finch, Old The Used

Written by: Patrick Marion

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