November 2, 2016

2016: The Return of the Pop-Punk Giants

2016 was an incredible year for old and new pop-punk fans alike. We have witnessed the reunion of Sum 41, a new member in Blink-182, and new work from genre masters such as Green Day, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, and Jimmy Eat World.

Does 2016 mark the coming of a pop-punk revival? Or are bands simply trying to cash in on their once prominent image? I realize not all of these bands identify as pop-punk by today’s standards, but they were once giants in the scene at one point. Let’s work through this list chronologically.


Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team (February 19, 2016)
Last releases: Get Your Heart On: The Second Coming EP (2013), Get Your Heart On (2011)

Yes, Simple Plan is still around. That always seems to be the consensus every time the Canadian pop-punk band releases something new. Taking One For the Team walks the fine line between “preppy-fun” and “try-hard.” (more…)

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