October 11, 2016

Boston Manor – Be Nothing


Be Nothing is the debut full-length LP from UK-rockers Boston Manor. It’s their first second release under Pure Noise Records.

Behind the climbing guitar distortion and bouncy rhythm of “Lead Feat” lies a vulnerable look at a doomed relationship. The vocals blend together well with the light guitar leads to soften the impact of the lyrics and give the track an uplifting vibe. This formula is used on a few tracks throughout the album and gives it great replay value. I’ve always been fond of songs that feature any type of silver linings in either the lyrics or music itself. “Laika” ups the tempo and provides one of the more memorable choruses on the album. “Broken Glass” slows things down with a tale of an emotional woman behind the wheel who’s struggling with her identity. The first half features distant guitar picking that helps build its looming atmosphere. The second half is full of distortion and harsh vocals to emphasize the severity of the tale and decision making present in our protagonist. I’m sure by now you’re wondering if the pop-punk is going to make an appearance. “Forget-Me-Not” begs you to dance around sing along. “This Song Is Dedicated To Nobody” continues the pop-punk vibes and gives us a chanting-chorus of what it means to be in band.

Boston Manor creates some of the catchiest hooks of the year with Be Nothing. The album has a lot of profanity that might detract from its charm, but it’s hardly a bad thing on a debut album trying to find its footing. Be Nothing carefully balances a handful of tones including: new age pop-punk, punk-rock, emo, alternative, and even some hardcore elements. The results are blended together beautifully and provide a wide range of emotion for listeners to absorb. It’s as if Boston Manor has the talent to be any one of these type of bands and they experiment with each one of them throughout Be Nothing while still maintaining their identity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them ditch the pop-punk elements with their next release and see them focus on the other avenues listed above. Boston Manor’s full-length debut is a confident triumph and deserves a revolving spot on your music rotation for some time to come.

Written by: Patrick Marion

Rating: 9/10


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