October 31, 2016

Sleep On It – ‘Lost Along The Way’


Chicago pop-punkers Sleep On It have gone through a variety of changes over the last year and have churned out Lost Along The Way in the process. Adding new vocalist Zech Pluister (formerly of Bonfires) and signing to Equal Vision Records are just two of the biggest things a band could do these days. Their latest EP is filled with the gritty pop-punk stylings we know and love from the band and it’s sure to stuck in your head for days.

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October 31, 2016

AOTM: November – Oakhill


November’s Artist of the Month are Flint, MI rockers, Oakhill. These Michiganders are making a name for themselves in the pop-punk scene and I caught up with them to see what they’ve been up to. They released their debut LP, The Waiting Place, in October of 2015.

Martin K (Guitar/Vocals/Piano)
Brandon B (Guitar/Vocals)
Erik W (Drums)
Joe B (Bass)

CPF: Let’s get to know you guys a little bit. What are some of your favorite albums of 2016 so far?

Joe: I love Green Day’s Revolution Radio. (more…)

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October 11, 2016

Boston Manor – Be Nothing


Be Nothing is the debut full-length LP from UK-rockers Boston Manor. It’s their first second release under Pure Noise Records.

Behind the climbing guitar distortion and bouncy rhythm of “Lead Feat” lies a vulnerable look at a doomed relationship. The vocals blend together well with the light guitar leads to soften the impact of the lyrics and give the track an uplifting vibe. This formula is used on a few tracks throughout the album and gives it great replay value. I’ve always been fond of songs that feature any type of silver linings in either the lyrics or music itself. “Laika” ups the tempo and provides one of the more memorable choruses on the album. “Broken Glass” slows things down with a tale of an emotional woman behind the wheel who’s struggling with her identity. The first half features distant guitar picking that helps build its looming atmosphere. (more…)

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October 3, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 26


We crashed at what would be our last hotel of tour just outside of Scottsdale, AZ. It was a last second decision swayed by the fact that it was 82 degrees at 2:00am and we didn’t want to sweat to death in our sleep. Prior to that decision, Dan and Joey just got away with buying booze before Arizona’s liquor laws kicked in at 2:00am. We were destined to have a fun night in our hotel.

After a night of laughing and falling asleep watching the terribly aged remake of “Lost In Space,” we woke up intermittently. I snagged a shower right before our water was shut off. Apparently there was a city-wide shut down for a water leak in Scottsdale and the cut off time was 10:00am. What a wonderful way to start the last day of tour. I took charge of our half-showered crew and led the lunch brigade to WhatABurger. (more…)

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