September 29, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 25


It’s hard writing about traveling days. Honestly not much every happens. I’ll do my best to break down some of the key travel aspects of these days and the horrifically boring states that accompany them.

Fast food and gas stations make up the time in-between traveling and even then they’re filled with instant regret. We all eat better on days when there are shows because options are more plentiful in downtown areas next to the venues. Settling for McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell every other meal is not exactly how I’d like to eat, but it was what I expected going on tour.

It has been said before and it merits it again: Texas is massive. We have essentially driven a straight line across the entire state and it has felt like an eternity. At least the highways are lined with mountain backdrops and enough curves and turns to keep the mind engaged. The most challenging aspect of being on a bench during these long treks is avoiding the sun lighting up your face when you try and nap. If you do manage to fall asleep you wake up drenched in sweat. Even in the best of moods, waking up in that state will instantly drag you down for a bit.

A 14 hour drive from Austin to Scottsdale can only contain so much music and naps. We have to stay busy in other ways. Data. My oh my does the data go quickly. I rarely cross the 2gb mark based on the amount of time I’m connected to wifi, but tour absolutely crushes that 2gb limit. I’m lucky enough to be on a family plan and can report that 17 days into this tour I am at 5.95gb of data for my phone and a little over 2gb on my hotspot. Facebook, Reddit and Snapchat are the biggest contributors and sadly they’re hard to live without on tour. Staying connected to the outside world is crucial when you’re stuck with 4 sweaty dudes for nearly a month.

I’ve already given the perks of driving on tour, so here’s my advice if you’re in a backseat. Nestle in with some noise-cancelling headphones and fall asleep as often as you can. The time traveling feeling is real and helps the day go by faster. Try and make the best of it.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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