September 27, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 22


The sound of dogs barking and licking our faces was enough to lift us out of our dormant states Sunday morning. Knowing we would feel the same way, we left Kaleb’s early that morning so he could enjoy his home in peace and quiet. We stumbled out to the van and set off for the nearest gas station to get some breakfast and ice to fuel our journey to New Orleans.

New Orleans was discussed earlier on tour as a possible day-off destination because of its proximity to Austin and also because it’s simply New Orleans. The change of schedule would only cost us an extra two hours. The decision was made to get a hotel just outside of the city and Uber in for a night of debauchery and sightseeing.

This was our collective first time in the deep south as we made our way Alabama and Mississippi on our way towards New Orleans, LA. The states really surprised us with their dense forestry. We thought they would be rather barren and swamp-infested. These kind of surprises on tour are always welcome.

Our hotel was 10 miles outside of the city. We cleansed ourselves thoroughly and cooked up a game plan for the night. Sadly, there were no Uber XL’s to grab all of us so Joey, Dan, and I took the first Uber into the city while Roman and Rob waited for the next. We landed on the outskirts of the French District and started walking our way towards Bourbon street. We had all heard the rumors and stories of the famous port-city street. It’s either something to love and embrace or despite and loathe.

My brother is very fond of the city and told us about a couple local spots to hit up. We embraced the open-intox rule and hit the streets with New Orleans’s famous hand grenades keeping us company. The mixture of everclear and midori had already done a number on our stomachs before we were able to get some po’ boys and gumbo to settle them down.

We walked up and down Bourbon street for hours with various drinks in our hands as we fully embraced the spirit of the city. We watched beads being tossed from balconies as passerbyers earned them with a lift of their shirts. I was offered more drugs than I knew what to do with as I took sips out of my gigantic punchbowl. This was a town to embrace and we gave it our all. We stumbled into each other and avoided the puddles of unholyness doing our adventure through town. It was the first time that all of us were able to truly let go and get unhinged without any worries or responsibilities.

By the end of the night we were ready for our beds and maybe a dash of Waffle House to help soak up the fluids. Our Uber driver didn’t nearly find us as funny as we did as we made it back safely to the comfort of our beds to end the long night. With a dash of hash browns and chocolate chip waffles nesting inside us, we prayed for mercy to the hangover gods to grant us passage the following morning.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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