September 27, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 21


We woke up in a Denny’s parking lot about two hours outside of Nashville. The plan was to drive all night. The plan failed. Throughout this tour and virtually any road trip I’ve ever been a part of, when the motion of the car slows down or comes to a halt I wake up. The same principles apply to most of the guys in the van. Joey was just too tired from Ocala and we all ended up getting a little more rest because of it.

After scoping out the venue in the early morning, we found all-day parking about ½ block away; a rare commodity in a big city. Our drawstring bags and backpacks were full with gear to get us through the afternoon and we took off.

Nashville’s tourist destination was on Broadway street in downtown. This is the place where all the country music and drinking takes place. Two and three story bars with different musicians performing on each level was just a taste of what we had in store for us. The city streets moved at a snail’s pace as 12-pedaled bike units powered by bachelorette parties navigated through the bars on their own time. No one seemed to mind the delays. That’s just a part of life in downtown Nashville.

Joey and I opted for the authentic southern experience and bought some cheap cowboy hats to wear around all day. Despite it being a joke gift, I rather do enjoy cowboy hats simply for the sun protection too. We made our way through a series of bars in the downtown area to fulfill our rocker duties of partying in Nashville and made our way back towards the venue after a late lunch.

Daisyhead had told us great things about the suiting name of the venue (The End) and we were looking forward to playing in front of their home crowd. This night triggered something in Belle Noire to let loose and really end the tour on a bang. The sound was electrifying as all the guys stomped and danced to their best set yet. Everyone was in sync with sweaty smiles to boot. Despite having seen Belle Noire perform the last two weeks, I was still impressed. If there was a time to give it their all, Nashville was the time and place. The next show was 3 days away. 3 days is plenty of time to cope with their inevitable soreness.


Daisyhead commanded the crowd with their headlining performance. They were finally home and that level of comfort showed in their performance. Their set was crisp and the best sounding all tour. Everyone brought their A-games and carried a look of accomplishment and slight sadness after their sets. The last night of tour between Only Sibling, Belle Noire, and Daisyhead had come to an end.

We prolonged our goodbyes in the parking lot and before heading our separate ways for the night. Only Sibling crashed at Michael’s (Daisyhead) on their way towards one last show in Virginia before getting home in Staten Island. The rest of the Daisyhead boys were ready to be home too. Kaleb from Daisyhead offered to shelter us for the night under the condition we were fine with the 5 dogs he has at his house (more than fine). It didn’t take us long to fend off the puppers and collectively pass out in Kaleb’s living room. Nashville had worn us out and we didn’t want it any other way.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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