September 24, 2016

On Tour With Belle Noire: Day 20


I woke up to Joey tugging the blankets off of my side of the bed and still felt begrudgingly grateful that we were in a hotel for another night. The morning went by too fast as we were a mere 7 minutes from the venue and our late check-out only got us to 12:00pm. Load in wasn’t until 4, so we had some time to kill. We used the time wisely by getting a much needed oil change and plopped ourselves down at a local bowling alley. It was an afternoon full of Yuenglings and a fierce pool rivalry between Joey and I. I need to put that competition to rest. He’s just too good.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Ocala is without a doubt the band A Day To Remember. The town is referenced in a handful of songs and not in the most flattering light. It’s easy to see why. We explored the entire town in less than 15 minutes and found very little to write home about it. The combination of the blandness of Ocala and humid weather the last few days had me in a rut. Despite the approaching weekend, my energy levels hit a tour low. Any desire to jam out during the tour band sets or have a few drinks to take the edge off just couldn’t manifest into anything exciting. This was the first time all tour where I wanted the comfort of my own home over the road. If any of the other guys felt this way throughout the day, they did a great job of hiding it.

The show wrapped up at 9pm and gave us ample time to head towards Nashville. Another 9 hour drive in the sweltering heat. I took first shift with Rob as co-pilot. Rob has been struggling to stay awake in this position for the last few days and was determined to stay awake and jam out with me. I admire his persistence and positive attitude, but night time driving isn’t for him. With all the windows down and Rob in and out of sleep, I blared all my favorite albums as loud as I could and nearly lost my voice singing them in the process. I’m thankful the guys were asleep and didn’t have to witness my attempts to hit the high notes of For All Those Sleeping and The Getaway Plan.

Nashville was strongly on everyone’s minds as a place to explore. Not only for its notoriety for music and bars, but also because it marked the last day of tour with Only Sibling and Daisyhead. After Nashville, we head back towards the west coast with two more shows along the way and plenty of days in between to take in the southern states. I’m not sure what to expect when we finally depart from the other bands. It’s always nice having more people to relate to on tour and get away from those in your immediate proximity. Parting ways is never fun.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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