August 25, 2016

Moose Blood – Blush

Moose Blood Blush

“It wasn’t hard to fall for you, you had it all planned out didn’t you?”

The opening lyrics for “Knuckles of Moose Blood’s latest effort can sum up my feelings on the band. I didn’t know who they were two years ago. No one really knew Moose Blood until they came onto the scene with I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time out of nowhere. Expecting them to back that up was always going to be a tall task. The addition of a new label in Hopeless Records added to that. And the affect of the label was either evident from the start, or I was expecting too much from them in the first place.

Throughout Blush, problems arise that never came about in their debut. Simple song structures combined with choruses repeated far too often hamper the album as a whole. Maybe that also happened in their first album, but was anyone paying attention to that? Instead, Moose Blood open Blush with musical similarities extremely close to former Hopeless band; The Dangerous Summer. It’s simple to an extent, but the oft-used delayed guitars are a staple in Blush. But I have no issue with that, nor with the simplistic music. That’s what Moose Blood is built upon. But the choruses, I still haven’t gotten past. They are a little too easy and repetitive that they get stuck in your head way too soon, making this 10-track album ultimately disappointing. Before the album takes a sudden turn to slower jams with “Shimmer, the first half is crowded with verse/pre-chorus/chorus/bridge/chorus songs. Having choruses such as, “That thing you said, stay beautiful…” and “I remember when you took the boat out…” are just too much. Most of Moose Blood’s choruses have the same couple lines and are repeated twice in the same chorus.

Sure, I’ll give the album a listen, but definitely not in the summer, the season in which it was released (another mistake by Hopeless). The promotion was also a disappointment, but seemingly the norm in music these days as Moose Blood released four tracks before the album actually dropped. Releasing 40 percent of an album before it comes out seems crazy. And then when there are so many singles released, you listen to them, you learn them and by the time the album is out, you’re sick of them and have to skip them. It’s not just a Moose Blood problem, as said before, its become the norm in music for some reason.

Either way, back to the album at hand, the first seven tracks follow the same format until Moose Blood slow it down a bit, and maybe a little too much considering their slow-it-down song finds itself at Track 8. It’s a bummer because it brings the entire album to a halt. To make things worse (or better?), the album closes with “Freckle,” which might actually be my favorite track on the album. Get me away from the too-catchy choruses and things we’ll be all right. “Freckle” fits that mold. Well, sort of… “You know it’s never enough.”

Written by: Adam Zdroik

Rating: 7/10

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