July 15, 2016

Face Value – Thick As Thieves


Baltimore based pop-punkers, Face Value, released their summer EP, Thick As Thieves, for anyone looking to fill that pop-punk void this summer.

“Constellations” is as light-hearted as intros go. The upbeat guitar melodies boost the back-and-forth rhythm of the chorus that help solidify this as a memorable opener. Right away it’s clear the quality of Thick As Thieves. The guitar leads flow well and don’t overpower. This is a well-mixed EP that can serve up a highlight real of each instrument when the needle lifts. The pace is quickened with “Concrete Steps” and “Tongue & Cheek” as they fulfill all the necessary pop-punk criteria with rousing choruses and delectable rifts. “Currency” is the resident acoustic track on the EP. Alec Meyer’s vocals poetically traverse the playful rhythm and the guitar leads keep your head bobbing along. Similar to the rest of the album, the lyrics never repeat in the verses. This stylistic choice adds more depth to each track and helps make Face Value stand out in a sea of upcoming pop-punk bands.  I would not be opposed to an all-acoustic release in the near future. “Eff Sharp” is an electric single. Jeb Douglas’ plethora of drum fills keep the beat exciting and unique. When the track kicks into full speed for the bridge/chorus it gives itself an irresistible charm.

There’s plenty of wit to find in Thick As Thieves. The well-written song structures carry a familiar pop-punk tone (2007-2009) that never quite took off.  It’s one I’ve always been fond of as it’s not as slickly produced as most of the fare that got the main highlights (think All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids). These tracks aren’t written to be pop-singles with a quick cash out. Face Value has dumped a lot of heart and soul into this projects and it shows. This is pop-punk at it’s finest. Check it out.

Rating: 8/10

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