July 5, 2016

West Means Home – Something From Nothing


There’s a lot of charm to be found in Alabama’s West Means Home debut EP, Something From Nothing.

“Gypsy” injects a palpable amount of energy into our eyes for an opener. The track moves at a breakneck pace with an extended chorus to really let the music sink in. “Never Again’s” intro features one of the best lead guitar licks I’ve heard in 2016. There’s an aura of hopelessness and acceptance in Austin Brent’s lyrics that is perfectly paired with an inspiring guitar riff to close out the track. “Nineteen’s” distortion fueled intro leads us into one hell of a catchy chorus that can somehow get away with just the words “ohh, ohh.” Drummer Kyle Este’s gets to show off some serious skills in the bridge and really let loose. The music is a combination of pop-punk melodies/hooks and a heavier alternative style that end up creating a little something for everyone to enjoy. The EP closes acoustically with “Actor.” The faint electric guitar in the background adds some country sensibility to this poignant track about self discovery.

Something From Nothing is filled with brimming one-liners sure to get stuck in your head like, “I am ready to be set free,” “We were nineteen, we were naive.”It’s easy to hear how much fun everyone is having throughout the record. Each track takes its time getting ready. There’s a good 45-60 seconds before any words are spoken. Oftentimes this can be misinterpreted as bands padding length or trying to coverup sloppy musicianship, but not in this case. These long intros set the tone for each track and the album and it’s very clear the musicianship on Something From Nothing is tight and refined. The production isn’t as crisp as it could be, but it perfectly suits the atmosphere of the EP. The rawness and distortion add to weight of the effort put into this record. The musical direction of this album is what Seaway would be if they took a more serious approach in pop-punk. The lyrics, the riffs, and solos are all top-notch.

You can purchase West Means Home’s debut EP, Something From Nothing on Bandcamp.

Rating: 9/10

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