July 24, 2016

The Best Pop-Punk Albums You Slept On

As far as the general public is concerned, pop-punk is still a nostalgia driven genre that hasn’t produced anything noteworthy in quite some time. As far as people who avidly follow the genre are concerned, The Wonder Years, Neck Deep, State Champs, and Knuckle Puck are the greatest thing to happen to the genre since Blink-182. So, what about all those unsigned artists who pour everything they have into getting records produce and still don’t get the attention they deserve? This piece will touch on some of my favorite albums of the last 4 years that I’m sure genre fans will enjoy immensely.



Lost Years – This Year Brought Out The Worst In Me (2012)

Who doesn’t love a bit of pop-punk with some grit? Lost Years has been consistently churning out gold since they debuted this album in 2012. The music hits hard behind their devastatingly emotional lyrics. (more…)

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July 17, 2016

Bonfires – A Reason To Get Home


Bonfire’s A Reason To Get Home marks the Chicago natives first release of 2016. This release is also the first to feature Brad Harvey as the bands leading front man.

If you ever followed my reviews and editorials, you’d know I am a huge fan of Bonfires. The unique blend of Zech Pluister’s raspy vocals paired with the delicate pop-punk tunes of their first release from 2014 hit home for me on many levels. The band has since added more energy and punk to their recent releases that have garnered quite a following in the local scene. Since the departure of Pluister, I can safely say that none of the magic has been lost since with A Reason To Get Home. (more…)

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July 15, 2016

Capstan – ‘Seasonal Depression’

capstan 2

In preparation for Capstan’s release, Cultural Divide, in August, we will be streaming the first EP that got us hooked to them. Capstan brings out all the guns for everything they’ve ever released. Their relentless energy, hard-hitting lyrics, and ironically laid back attitudes are something most musicians wish they had. Don’t listen to this EP lightly, it can be a lot more emotionally taxing than you think. Look no further than “Drifter” to start your day off with a bang and “Can’t Lie Around Remembering Everything” to caress you into a slight depression when thinking about your past relationships.

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July 15, 2016

Face Value – Thick As Thieves


Baltimore based pop-punkers, Face Value, released their summer EP, Thick As Thieves, for anyone looking to fill that pop-punk void this summer.

“Constellations” is as light-hearted as intros go. The upbeat guitar melodies boost the back-and-forth rhythm of the chorus that help solidify this as a memorable opener. Right away it’s clear the quality of Thick As Thieves. The guitar leads flow well and don’t overpower. This is a well-mixed EP that can serve up a highlight real of each instrument when the needle lifts. (more…)

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July 6, 2016

Blink 182 – California


Disclaimer: Normally we don’t review albums this big, but since it’s Blink-182, it gets a pass.

It’s been 5 years since the last full-album release from Blink-182 and a lot has changed. Tom Delonge is no longer a part of Blink-182 and has been replaced with Alkaline Trio frontman, Matt Skiba. California marks the first official Blink release without Tom Delonge. There’s already been a lot discussed about this subject so I’ll keep it minimal. How do I feel about Blink replacing Tom with Matt? Well, as an avid Alkaline Trio fan I’m quite pleased. Matt has an amazing punk-rock voice and I place his musical abilities as a notch above Tom’s. (more…)

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July 5, 2016

West Means Home – Something From Nothing


There’s a lot of charm to be found in Alabama’s West Means Home debut EP, Something From Nothing.

“Gypsy” injects a palpable amount of energy into our eyes for an opener. The track moves at a breakneck pace with an extended chorus to really let the music sink in. “Never Again’s” intro features one of the best lead guitar licks I’ve heard in 2016. There’s an aura of hopelessness and acceptance in Austin Brent’s lyrics that is perfectly paired with an inspiring guitar riff to close out the track. (more…)

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