May 2, 2016

Dreamer & Son – Written Off, Moving On


Dreamer & Son’s Written Off, Moving On marks the bands debut to the scene. With 5 brisk tracks, they are set to make their mark in the rising ambient-rock scene.

Right away, it’s easy to see the influences of well-established ambient-rock band’s such as Tides of Man, Gates, and Moving Mountains. Following in the footsteps of their counterparts, the EP starts off with a brisk 96-second instrumental filled with enough inspiring riffs and background chants to get listeners excited. “Hello Vancouver” showcases Dreamer & Son’s cheerful, upbeat attitude. They succeed in building an imaginative world that helps listeners escape and digest the lyrical content. “Everyone Loves the Violins” is blissfully charming. The alluring guitar-work and soft vocal notes from Sayak Das build a roller coaster of emotion throughout each verse and chorus. “Not One Dry Eye” ends with a hearty dose of energy and inspiring lyrics. It tackles a heavy subject, but remains optimistic with lines like, “Cause if you don’t let this hurt, you’ll never beat this.” The spoken-word portion of the bridge could be seen as a gamble given a lack of precursors throughout the EP, but, I believe the end result to be captivating and emotionally impactful.

One of the fundamental goals of making good ambient music is the immersion. The listener has to feel lost in the music. Dreamer & Son succeeds thoroughly in this quest. The production is crisp and balances each instrument beautifully. While this genre of music is focused mostly on crafty guitar melodies, the rest of the unit thrives. At several points there are inciting bass notes, drum fills, and vocal melodies that standout. If I had to use adjectives to describe Written Off, Moving On, they would be: peaceful, calming, and skillful.

Written Off, Moving On is currently “Name Your Price” on Bandcamp right now.

Rating: 9/10

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