May 4, 2016

Johnny O’Hagan – Idlehands


Vocalist Johnny O’Hagan may front San Diego’s groovy, progressive band Idlehands by night, but by day he’s spinning up lattes and getting a degree from Berklee College of Music. We took a moment to catch up with him about his band and what we can expect to see from them very soon.

Casual Punk Fan: What have you been up to?

Johnny: All of us have been busting ass. We usually take a week or so off after a tour but we’re trying not to do that anymore so we can use all the time we have. On top of that I’ve been working full time, going to school, practicing with the band and writing. (more…)

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May 2, 2016

Dreamer & Son – Written Off, Moving On


Dreamer & Son’s Written Off, Moving On marks the bands debut to the scene. With 5 brisk tracks, they are set to make their mark in the rising ambient-rock scene.

Right away, it’s easy to see the influences of well-established ambient-rock band’s such as Tides of Man, Gates, and Moving Mountains. Following in the footsteps of their counterparts, the EP starts off with a brisk 96-second instrumental filled with enough inspiring riffs and background chants to get listeners excited. (more…)

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