March 11, 2016

Calling All Captains – Disconnect


Canada is a wonderful frozen tundra that has produced some of the best pop-punk acts of the last decade. Calling All Captains is one of the first bands I’ve seen emerge from the Northwest territory of Alberta (I hear they have great golf courses too).

“Jamie” blasts off with the re-emerging double bass of the easy-core genre and begs you to belt out those high notes about The Wonder Years. “Northwest” tackles the hardships of long-distance relationships and the life of a musician. Though the lyrics are glum, there’s a feeling of hope and perseverance throughout the track that elevates it. This theme is explored throughout the EP and every play-through adds a brighter light to the material. ┬áThe bridges in half-time is where Disconnect excels. They leave a lasting impression on the first run-through and warrant repeat listens. “Trainwreck’s” musical style shares a lot of similarities with genre bands first releases. The distortion is present, yet melodic and wonderfully addicting. This track is an absolute treat. The self-depreciating lyrics in the breakdown contort a fine-line of honesty/vulnerability; a very tough angle to pull off.

It’s clear that Disconnect comes from a place a love. Calling All Captains pays homage to all the bands they love (Four Year Strong, All Time Low, A Day To Remember) and puts their own mark on the genre. The pure pop-punk vocals clashing with the group chants has an easy-core familiarity, but the level of excitement and energy it produces is joyful. The bridges and breakdowns are memorable and dare I say it; profound. I look forward to seeing what these boys have in store for the future.

Rating: 9/10

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