March 31, 2016

AOTM: April – Rare Futures


New York-based Rare Futures, formerly Happy Body Slow Brain, have made a dramatic reemergence with their new record This Is Your Brain On Love. We spoke with Matt Fazzi (Lead vocals, guitar, keys) about the band and what it takes to be an independent artist.

Casual Punk Fan: You’re often tied to your time with Taking Back Sunday, let’s start there.

Matt: It lasted just shy of 3 years. It was one album cycle essentially and a couple live albums in the middle of that too. It was a good little run.

You have a pretty long musical resume. What else have you been a part of?

Oh man. After Taking Back Sunday I spent the next 5 years touring with my friends in a band called The Dear Hunter playing guitar, and I played keyboards for a band called Into it. Over It. that are also friends of mine. (more…)

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March 29, 2016

I’m 26 and Still Listen to Pop-Punk Everyday

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As I get older, I notice the same reactions when I tell people my favorite genre of music is pop-punk. It’s a startled look of, “Oh, really?” and “Like, blink-182? When’s the last time they put out music?”

It seems these days, most casual music listeners don’t even realize pop-punk is still an existing genre. Every so often a new band emerges and garners some mainstream success like Say Anything, Paramore or Fall Out Boy. I know what pop-punk fans are thinking; “These bands aren’t new and there’s tons of bands out there with a lot more success in the last 5 years.” (more…)

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March 11, 2016

Calling All Captains – Disconnect


Canada is a wonderful frozen tundra that has produced some of the best pop-punk acts of the last decade. Calling All Captains is one of the first bands I’ve seen emerge from the Northwest territory of Alberta (I hear they have great golf courses too).

“Jamie” blasts off with the re-emerging double bass of the easy-core genre and begs you to belt out those high notes about The Wonder Years. “Northwest” tackles the hardships of long-distance relationships and the life of a musician. (more…)

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March 10, 2016

Maple Hill – Headspace


New York rockers Maple Hill have released their debut LP, Headspace.

Headspace has a lot working for it. It’s fun, fast-paced, and re-playable. There’s not a track to skip, but, only a few standouts. The musicianship is tight, yet sporadic. “Space To Grow” is a bit of a roller coaster. The guitar solo is superb, but dragged down by a breakdown that doesn’t know where it wants to go. (more…)

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