February 29, 2016

AOTM: March – Like Pacific


Fresh off the debut release of their first full-length record, Distant Like You Asked, we caught up with Like Pacific outside of Slim’s in San Francisco, CA while on the Alternative Press Tour with State Champs, Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck.

Casual Punk Fan: Let us first get to know you a bit. What did you guys listen to on your way out here?

All: Good Charlotte!

Chris: A bit of Counterparts, Comeback Kid, Taylor Swift.

Luke: All over the board!

Do you guys have similar tastes in music when you’re traveling in the van? Is anyone banned from being DJ?

Chris: It’s all pretty fair game at this point. We all pretty much have the same umbrella of punk-rock.

Greg: Everyone’s got their own niche.

Chris: Yeah, everyone has their own artists that they personally dig the most. But, no one actively hates a select genre of music.

We saw on your Facebook that you guys are beer enthusiasts. What are some of your favorite types of beers you’ve had while on the road?

Dillon: When we were in Sacramento, I had a couple Almanac beers that were really good. A sour and a milk stout. Those were really good.

Luke: Yeah, I like that kind of stuff. Saisons and sours. I love coming to America. They’re everywhere here. [Laughs.]

Greg: We have a really good selection of beer in Toronto, but there’s just a larger variety of beer out here.

Chris: I only fuck with Pabst Blue Ribbon. [Laughs.]

Luke: If it’s available and cheap and/or free, Natural Ice is common. In America though, Yuengling is my go-to.

If someone was going to buy you a beer at a show, what beer would you have them buy you?

Luke: Yuengling’s a safe bet because most places have it.

Chris: The cheapest one there is.

Dillon: I would probably want a Ballast Point Sculpin.

Let’s talk a bit about your full-length. How does it feel to finally have it released?

All: Relieving.

Chris: It’s a weight off our shoulders for sure.

Dillon: I’m really stoked on it. I’m happy to have people finally be able to hear it. We’ve been wanting to put it out for a while.

What kind of themes does the LP explore?

Chris: Lyrically, Jordan reached down pretty deep. He explored every emotion and feeling he’s had over the past year. I think the record is a memoir of all of his past experiences. From a death in the family to anxiety and depression. He covers a lot of stressful topics.

Luke: Musically, I’d say we didn’t strive for a set sound on the record. We just wrote riffs we like and parts we like and it all fell into place. We like to think it’s more organic sounding and a bit different than all the other music out there.

How does it feel to be on Alternative Press Tour right now?

Greg: Amazing. It’s a dream come true for us right now.

Chris: It’s cool because we’ve done tours where we’ve played to 20-30 kids, which can be very hit or miss for us. Every day of this tour we come out to 200-400 kids and it’s such an unbelievable response. It’s an overwhelming site to see.

Luke: Looking back and reflecting on the crowds we played  last time compared to this time is pretty cool to think about.

Greg: I think this is the 10th sold-out show in a row now.

Would you guys even do an all-Canada tour? Who would you go out with?

Chris: That would be cool! We’ve always talked about how rad it would be to tour with Seaway, Safe to Say, Counterparts. They all just live like right around the corner in Toronto. We’re all friends. We kind of all came up together in the scene over the past five years. We support each other and open for each other. That would be like the southern Ontario scene, elevated. Getting a much bigger platform.

We’ve heard some bands have had trouble crossing borders on tour. Ever have a tough time at the border?

Group: Nah, surprisingly.

Dillon: The worst thing that has ever happened to us at the border was how this tour we didn’t get on the Border Patrol TV show.

Charlie: That was a bummer.

Luke: Aside from that, it’s been very chill.

What happened there?

Dillon: We even asked if we could be on the show! They said no. It has been smooth sailing otherwise.

What’s next after this tour?

Charlie: Just lots more touring in support of this new record. We will be hitting the pavement hard this year.


You can pick up Like Pacific’s debut LP, Distant Like You Asked on Bandcamp or catch them on the 2016 Alternative Press Tour.


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