February 9, 2016

Rome Hero Foxes – For When You’re Falling Backwards


Hailing from from Katy, Texas and recently signed to Kurt Travis’ Esque Records, this 5-piece progressive rock group is here to start of 2016 the right way. Releasing their sophomore album, Rome Hero Foxes extends their discography with smashing success.

“Falling Out” starts off with a heavy dose of self-reflection and some well-exercised vocals from C.J. Burton. Upon reflection, this opener is the most unique track on the album to feature elements not heard throughout the rest of the record (higher/whispered vocals, brutal lyrics). Alternatively, “Tied Down” represents the poppier side of the album. It’s lighthearted in nature and stylistically simple compared to the rest of the tracks. It’s a welcome transition from the first few tracks and provides a dazzling jolt of energy in its smartly crafted chorus.”The Cold” hooks you in right away. The vocals are noticeably cleaner and turned up enough to get connected into the story. This track takes you on an adventure and is a standout among an already impressive list thus far. The album closes with some enthusiasm in “All I’ve Ever Been.” Here, vocalist C.J. Burton is able to showcase his songwriting and deftly create a striking story to tell. Throughout the album, he’s reserved in his vocals and knows his boundaries. I’m excited to see if he pushes the envelope like he did in “Falling Out” and progresses in the next release.

Musically, the album is very-well constructed. It’s encompassed by ambient guitars and the transitions pick up in all the right moments. For When You’re Falling Backwards combines all of the best parts of the mid-2000’s post-hardcore scene. It’s equal parts self-titled Saosin, prime PMToday, late Moving Mountains and the poppier side of Emery. It is a heavy dose of nostalgia done right. There’s honestly not a single track to skip on the album. Rome Hero Foxes clearly spent a lot of time perfecting this album and it shows. There’s enough versatility to keep you hooked and rarely a dull moment to instill any boredom. The screams are hard-hitting and effortlessly blend into the backdrop. With the variety throughout, For When You’re Falling Backwards is truly a remarkable experience.

You can pickup the album on Bandcamp.

Rating: 9/10

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