February 1, 2016

AOTM: February – Makari

makari-no-textWe met with Makari outside of Strummer’s in Fresno, CA to talk about life on the road during their first trip out west.

Who are you guys?

Matt: I’m Matt (Guitar) and this is Kevin (Drums). We’re in a band called Makari from Tampa, Florida and we’re out here in California for the first time. It was a long drive with two and a half days of Walmart parking lots.

Does your band have a motto?

Matt: I think every night we just try to tell each other to have fun. I think if we’re having fun, the people in the crowd are gonna have fun.

How did Makari get started?

Matt: Brandon, our vocalist, had a tour booked under a different band name. We kind of all just joined up for this tour and when we came back, we changed the name to try and start something new. It was just an acoustic thing, but then we became a full band.

Who do you guys get compared to the most?

Matt: We get Circa Survive, Sleeping with Sirens, stuff like that. Mostly because Brandon has a higher voice. I don’t mind getting compared to those guys, they’re great bands. We even get Paramore sometimes. We don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves into one genre though, that’s kinda like the point. We’re an amalgamation of everything we listen to and we just try to put our own spin on it.

What else do you listen to? What kinds of artists do you think have fed into your sound?

Kevin: We listened to a lot of metal in high school. Some of us still listen to like Oh, Sleeper and stuff like that, and then we have bands like Bombay Bicycle Club who are really good group from more of the indie side. Also CHON is really sick. They’re inspiring.

What do you guys listen to in the van?

Matt: If we we’re having fun we’ll put on some 90’s rap or some 90’s alternative. Also Hall and Oates and some 80’s stuff. We still listen to bands like Circa Survive, Tides of Man, little bit of Dance Gavin Dance, stuff like that. And then you know, just random songs to make people laugh like Smash Mouth.

What do you think is the most complicated song you’ve ever written?

Matt: Like every artist we try to progress as we write and so I’d say our newer stuff, which no one has heard since we haven’t been able to record it yet. As far as the set tonight goes maybe “Telescope.” That has some interesting parts. We’re always trying to make life a little harder for ourselves every time we write, you know?

Do you have a simple song that you’ve written that you just love and don’t care?

Matt: I would say that’s “Paper Ghost” honestly. It’s like our most catchy song and it’s really fun to play. I don’t mind an easy song- gives me a break during the set.

What’s a crazy story that’s involved your band?

Matt: Anytime there’s a border patrol checkpoint it’s always a little stressful for us. [Laughs.] Also one of my favorite memories is heading up to upstate New York with one person driving up front and four people putting their bottoms to the windows for the toll worker [Laughs.] We just try to be boys and have a good time.

Kevin: We do have fun and stuff, but sometimes after a long night of traveling and playing a show until late and then another long night on the road there’s not always time to light off fireworks. There’s a business side to it folks. You heard it here first [Laughs.]

What border made you nervous?

Matt: Texas. We played right outside of Mexico in a place called Harlingen. There’s a secondary satellite checkpoint and when you’re not used to going through stuff like that you don’t know what the rules are and not saying we were doing anything illegal.

Kevin: Well we have like bunks in the van.

Matt: Yeah, technically that’s not legal.

Kevin: Yeah, also when we went through and one of our guys was sleeping in the back and because he wasn’t visible we didn’t mention that he was there. You couldn’t see him or anything and we were just hoping that they wouldn’t open it up and think we were sex traffickers or something [Laughs.]

So you didn’t cross the border up north into Canada?

Matt: Nope, never been there. We’ve just done the Texas border a few times.

Is there anywhere you guys want to go that you haven’t been to yet?

Matt: Yeah. Honestly I wanna go to Portland and Seattle, and further North in California. Fresno’s pretty nice, this is our first time here. Where we come we have flat land. I mean, we have beaches, but mountains are pretty amazing to see. You get everything out here in California.

What’s next for you guys after this tour?

Matt: We’re getting another tour. Going back home and working our day jobs to support this habit. You know, you make some money on the tour but right now it’s just about moving towards the next one and getting better as a band. We’re going to continue writing and eventually put out a full length. Hopefully that’ll happen within the next year. We’ll see. We’re gonna do a lot of touring. That’s our main focus. We just want to get out there.

Kevin: Yeah, tour and write. And be ready when the call comes.

Do you have a date in mind to get in the studio?

Kevin: it’s basically just going to be what fits with everyones schedule. We haven’t set firm sights on a producer yet or where we’re going. We also want to make sure that when we come into the studio we have double the material that we need. Just in case we need to pare it down a bit.

Matt: We want to put out ten songs so we want to write at least 20-25 so if we have to scrap half of it we can. Just put the best of the best on the record. We wanna come out swinging hard on our first full length.

Kevin: Yeah we’ve just done EPs at this point. So were taking the full length pretty seriously as far as how we’re putting it together. So the goal is within the year.

Anything else you guys want to add?

Matt: Shoutout to you guys for interviewing us and coming out to the show. I hope you enjoy the set. Shout out to all of our friends and family back in Florida and everyone who supports us on this tour. Shout out to Hail The Sun for having us, Oranges, the other bands playing with us. Oh, and to Walmart parking lots and all the places we’re gonna try to sleep. Shout out to all that.

Kevin: Shout out to the game. [Laughs.]

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