January 4, 2016

Super American – Golf Pop


Everyone needs a diversified collection of music. Even the most stubborn metal fan needs something cheery and upbeat every once in a while. A combination of abandoned Buffalo acts, I Can See Mountains & Thick Winter Blud, Super American dons its newly formed cape and soars into our radios and iPod nanos.

Wearing an American flag t-shirt and drinking Bud Light is not a necessity to enjoy Super American’s debut EP, Golf Pop. One thing is required however; the ability to let loose and enjoy some breezy tunes. “Push Ups” starts off the EP with that catchy lead-guitar Mountains is known for. Super American knows we have to lumber through the winter to enjoy this perfect summer track. “Love To Hate” follows up the feel-good vibes with a story of forgiveness and imperfection. The chorus lines of, “You’re not perfect, you’re just learning,” compliments the inspirational attitude of learning through your mistakes and taking chances. “Charles Cheatham’s” snappy chorus and quick-witted lyricism anchor it as a personal favorite. The track feels different than all the rest; in a good way. It’s unique verses and dream-pop sensibility are sure to be stables of the band going forward.

Golf Pop shows four friends making music they’ve always wanted to make, but couldn’t for various reasons. As listeners, it’s objectively clear how much passion went into this release. It’s hard to imagine Super American not smiling while playing every note throughout Golf Pop. With a group of highly experienced musicians within, Super American will establish themselves quickly as fan-favorites in the Buffalo area. Here’s hoping their summer tours guide them to the West coast so I can experience Golf Pop in its purest form.

Rating: 9/10

You can purchase Golf Pop on Super American’s website and read our interview with them before the holidays.

Written by: Patrick Marion

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