January 25, 2016

Sundressed – Sobriety & Tour Life


On a mild, rainy night in Berkeley, CA, we got a chance to interview the pop-punk outfit Sundressed at 924 Gilman. The venue was covered with layers of stickers and graffiti from an endless amount of bands. This is no exaggeration either. 924 Gilman has earned a reputation as a must-play venue for local bands and anyone passing through. A nifty decibel reader positioned ten feet above the ground floor was a nice addition to a venue that discourages alcoholic beverages in or around the premise. We met up with Trevor (vocals) and Andrew (guitar) of Sundressed at their merch table to get the interview going.

Casual Punk Fan: So tell us a little bit about this tour?

Trevor: It’s been super fun. We haven’t been to the West Coast in almost a year. (more…)

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January 15, 2016

Heartless Breakers – ‘The Great Give Back’


Straight out of Mormon country comes the pop-punk rockers of Heartless Breakers. Formed in Salt Lake City, these John Stockon fans banded together to put out one of the best rock releases of 2015, The Great Give Back. Signed with indie record label, Animal Style Records, Heartless Breakers provide insightful lyrics with an up-tempo energy that will have you singing along all day. They recently released a music video for their single, Liquid Confidence. If you’re looking for some substance in a sea of corny pop-punk cliches, Heartless Breakers is a breath of fresh air.

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January 15, 2016

Gone Too Soon (Young English)


Welcome to our new series: Gone Too Soon. In this series we will focus on bands that ended their music careers too soon. These pieces will focus on what made these acts so great and why it’s shame they stopped working.

The first band in these series is the pop-punk act; Young English.

New York natives Young English first made a mark on the scene in 2011 with their debut EP, I Hate My Friends. The 4-track EP featured outstanding production values and packed a hearty punch for anyone craving emotionally fueled pop-punk. What made Young English really stand out was the sheer rawness of Chris Penning’s vocals. (more…)

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January 4, 2016

AOTM: January – Belle Noire


Belle Noire after performing at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.

San Jose’s Belle Noire have spent 2 years battling setbacks and quietly putting together their debut full-length album. We met with the guys before a show with Armor For Sleep to get an update on their release and talk about their DIY attitude.

CPF: How did you guys get started? I’ve heard there’s a story about Craigslist.

(Mike- Guitar) It all started in Sal’s parents garage. He and I started jamming without any major expectations.

(Joey – Vocals/Guitar) They were an instrumental band when I found their Craigslist ad. Talks were good and they sent me these really rough demos. (more…)

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January 4, 2016

Super American – Golf Pop


Everyone needs a diversified collection of music. Even the most stubborn metal fan needs something cheery and upbeat every once in a while. A combination of abandoned Buffalo acts, I Can See Mountains & Thick Winter Blud, Super American dons its newly formed cape and soars into our radios and iPod nanos. (more…)

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January 2, 2016

Good Luck Varisty – ‘Curtains’


Introducing the lost album from Michigan band Good Luck Varsity, a fascinating and talent group that decided to hang it up early in 2014. Since then the band has been teasing fans with news and singles from their unreleased full length that was recorded just before they split up. Faster and harder than their previous releases, Curtains is a fitting final chapter for the group. The album explores multiple avenues of soulful pop-punk and alternative and is led by three distinct vocalists and songwriters that brilliantly stack their voices throughout the record. These guys have a pretty unique sound that combines the grit of The Wonder Years with the pop punk influence of All Time Low and the album is currently free on their Bandcamp page. The guys are currently working on some of their own projects including State Champs, American Arson, Northbound, Traveler and Speak Low If You Speak Love.

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