December 14, 2015

5 Pop-Punk EP’s You May Have Missed This Year

2015 has given pop-punk fans a lot to be thankful for. The genre has been revitalized with the newest releases from The Wonder Years, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and State Champs to name a few. As always, there are some releases that don’t get the recognition they deserve and have to promote themselves without the help of a label. Take a look at some of the best EP’s that went under the radar this year.

well kept things

Well Kept Things – Homegrown
Buffalo, NY
Label: Antique Records

All the best unnoticed bands come from the Buffalo area. Last year this list included the now defunct I Can See Mountains and it appears Well Kept Things picks up the slack with an joyfully energetic EP in Homegrown. Sprinkled with top-notch lyricism and unforgettably catchy harmonies, these boys put out one hell of a summer release. There’s an aura of positivity enclosing Homegrown that describes its charming demeanor. It’s a feel-good EP if I’ve ever heard one.

FFO: I Can See Mountains, Modern Baseball, Pentimento



Sundressed – Dig Up A Miracle/The Same Condition
Phoenix, AZ
Label: Take This To Heart Records

Even though they released two EPs this year, I’m counting this as one release. Dig Up A Miracle is a raw, unfiltered look at a man’s life dealing with his newfound sobriety. The lyrics are witty, the guitars are undeniably fun, and the choruses pack a wallop of a punch. In November, Sundressed released a 4-track EP of perfection with The Same Condition. With a completely new tone, lyrical direction and top-notch production, this EP is downright magnificent. Don’t sleep on these guys.

FFO: Modern Baseball, The Hotelier, Heartless Breakers


shapes and colors

Shapes & Colors – On Display
Royal Oak, MI
Label: None

Every once in a while a band emerges that makes you say, “Wow, this is amazing.” Shapes & Colors is that band. Repping some top-notch production, On Display showcases a blend of vocalists Travis Bobier’s rejuvenated Search The City and the eerie guitar notes of early I The Mighty. This EP shows a lot of promise for these newcomers with “Lately” possibly being the catchiest song of the year with stupendous vocals and a downright fun attitude. There is much fun to be had with On Display.

FFO: Search The City, Marianas Trench, I The Mighty



Hidden In Plain View – Animal
New Jersey
Label: Rise Records

Hidden In Plain View was a staple among rising alternative emo bands in 2005 with their debut album, Life In Dreaming. In 2007, they changed their sound to pure pop-punk with Resolution. After a long hiatus, they debut a short, 3-track EP entitled, Animal. It went largely unnoticed by rock communities, but I’m here to tell you to get on it. Animal shows great range with its progressive rock sound while firmly keeping its roots in pop-punk. The production is crisp and the band sounds tighter than ever.

FFO: Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Saosin



Of The Fact – Adjust
La Crosse, WI
Label: None

I’ve written a lot about this band this year and I can’t recommended them enough. The raw, raspy vocals are compelling enough to make any Wonder Years fan excited and the effortless flow of energy in each track rivals them with State Champs. The bands fist EP, Big Plans For A Small Town, showed the bands love for pop-punk. Adjust, shows their commitment to pushing their boundaries and making honest pop-punk for all.

FFO: The Wonder Years, State Champs, Bonfires

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