December 10, 2015

Super American – Golfing & Starting New

Super American is the latest Buffalo born pop-rock group to make waves next to the Canadians. Formed with previous members of I Can See Mountains and Thick Winter Blud, Super American has formed to fulfill your pop-rock sensibilities and put you in a good mindset. In preparation for the release of Super American’s debut EP, Golf Pop, we caught up with Matt Cox (Vocalist) to talk about life, humor, and plans for the new year.

CPF: So, it has to be asked, with the name of the new EP being “Golf Pop,” who’s your favorite golfer?

Matt Cox: As a lefty, I’d have to pick Phil Mickelson. It’s really difficult to find lefty golf clubs and golf club attire at any store so I have to support the professional leftys that I know! It just seems like the most genuine guy too. That doesn’t hurt.

You guys have a very niche type of humor. To help people get a better understanding of you all, what are your favorite type of comedy films?

We are definitely all fans of comedy, I must say. Some more than others. I would say for a mutual appreciation of comedy, we all like the cult classics: Dumb & Dumber, Happy Gilmore, early Adam Sandler. But lately, I have been getting into a lot of Norm MacDonald. Like Dirty Work or (Howard) Stern. This year has been all about Norm MacDonald for me personally.

We also have a lot of inside jokes together. So when we go out in public people are probably looking up at us going, “What the hell is wrong with these guys?”

Looking back at the formation of Super American, I noticed some of you were still in school. Are you still?

Actually, no. I was in school. I had to make a decision. I tried to do both full-time and I couldn’t even do both when we weren’t even up and running. I went to a school about 75-90 minutes away from home. I was commuting on the weekends, later in the week, and throughout the summer. Ultimately I had to make a decision and it was extremely tough. I still have plans to finish though.

What was the hardest part of balancing the school and being in a band? Did it affect your grades?

It didn’t really affect my grades. When I’m doing something, I like to do it 100%. I definitely love to going to school too. It was really tough. While I was going to school I actually wasn’t doing the band for a while. When I was there I didn’t really have anything else to do other than school work. Once the band started to pop up again in the summer I was taking one class and didn’t have an issue with it. But, when you look at my full-time schedule of 18 credits a semester. That’s a full-time job. One of them was going to take a hit and I knew it was going to be the band. You’re paying all that money to go to school and the band clearly loses that fight. I knew this was going to be the last ‘go’ and I wanted to be in a full-time band with Super American. It was too good to be true. I had to do it.

What inspired the ‘pop-rock’ vibes you have on the EP?

I think that’s what we’ve always liked. When we were doing I Can See Mountains we had a bit more of the punk-rock attitude and that came from the guys that aren’t in Super American. The guys we have now love the pop element. The first batch of songs is a transition from the Mountains sound to what we want to do ultimately.

Any plans for a tour to accompany the EP release?

We’re going to be touring in late January and early February. Nothing really crazy at the moment. We’re going to do NYC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore to start with. We have the mentality that we’re starting over from scratch and we have to earn our credibility with this new project.

Lastly, what do you want for Christmas this year?

A second chance. An opportunity to make some things right. That’s the only thing I really want for Christmas.

Heartfelt and simple. I like it.

Okay, maybe some snow too (laughs).


Check out the two new tracks released yesterday, “Push-Ups” + “On Top Of The World”

Written by: Patrick Marion

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