December 3, 2015

Sleeptalk – ‘Young’

young ep art

If you’re wondering if we need more space rock in today’s scene; the answer is unequivocally, yes. Native California’s Sleeptalk have released their second EP Young. This marks the second installment of the trilogy of EP’s the band is planning to release.

“Phenomenon” perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the EP; dripping synth and rocking guitars, it shelters us with a blanket of warmth and inspiration. Title track, “Young” shows us the influence Angels & Airwaves had on this production. It still sounds odd, but space rock has always been a weakness of mine. Tracks like “Young” ooze atmosphere and encourage you to sing along with a smile on your face. This particular genre of music allows for easy escapism and nothing unexpected; just comfort. “Bones” marks the transition into Sleeptalk’s 80’s retro repertoire. The latter half of Young provides some calculated head-nodding, catchy harmonies, and irresistible background chants.”Drowned Harmonies” shows flashes of Ace Enders’ latest and earns the title of “poppiest” track thus far.

Despite the musical shifts and tonal choices throughout Young, none of it feels forced or unexpected; it’s a very smooth transition. This is the perfect EP to drive along to on a beautiful starry skied night. It takes chances with its variety, yet plays it safe too. This isn’t a knock on the album either, it doesn’t need to be risky to be enjoyable. It would’ve been interesting to see where Young could have gone had it stayed with the rock-structure of the first two tracks, but its path is still well-traveled. Young is great fun that demands repeat listens to ease cranky moods and make long drives eventful.

Rating: 8/10

Written by: Patrick Marion

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