September 25, 2015

Tri-State Era – Between Us and What Could Have Been Saved

tri state

Tri-State Era is a five piece emo pop-punk outfit from Connecticut, USA. Between Us and What Could Have Been Saved marks the bands second EP release since their formation in 2012.

Ditching the traditional format of typical genre tracks, ‘Under The Skin,’ makes good use of it’s time by drawing you in with its foot stomping beat and emotive vocals. Near the half-way mark, a slick drum fill transitions the track into a nearly minute-long outro that takes the opening progression and adds its own flair. ‘Fake It’ inspires fairy tale-esk guitar work throughout the verses and into the chorus where the track really finds it’s groove. The beat moves briskly allowing the optimistically rebellious lyrics to shine. ‘Between Us…’ ends with ‘I Am Listening,’ a short, multi-leveled burst of honesty and energy. The guitar leads are equally matched with the well-timed muting of the rhythm guitars before exploding into the a minute long outro that ends quite abruptly.

The rumbling bass notes compliment the guitar scaling on tracks ‘Star City, West Virgina’ and ‘Seven-Act Summer’ and add a rawness that helps differentiate this band from other acts. The band inspires some ‘Hotelier’ vibes and does an excellent job of mixing soft and harsh melodies to a very satisfying result. The verses are reserved for experimenting with the heavier material and they transition smoothly into the chorus which feels at home with catchy lyrics and light lead guitar work. The EP is very atmospheric at times and is reminiscent of ‘Moving Mountains’ earlier work with its extended outros and lack of vocals. While the vocals are gritty, they pair together wonderfully with the melancholic lyrics.

This EP is a must have for any fans of the emerging emo/pop-punk scene.

Rating: 8/10

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