August 30, 2015

Stories of Living – ‘Save Your Breath’


Stories of Living is the newest band to emerge from the ever reliable New Jersey pop-punk scene. Save Your Breath is their debut album from Standby Records.

“Enough Is Enough” jumps right into it. The quick-witted vocals in the chorus have a dynamic bass drum/lyric combo that sets the tone for the rest of the album in this angst-heavy album opener. “16.67%” may have a bit too many bass drops for its own good, but the track is infused with a few electronic beats to give the harsh vocals a very distinct sound. “Out There” shows them at their liveliest. This song starts off with a monster hook and is designed to be stuck in your head after the first listen. The lovesick lyrics may not be revolutionary, but they keep the song light and peppy. “Don’t Lose Your Dinosuar” keeps things lively with a rip-roaring chorus that demands you to dance and mimic the chants of ‘Who you are is just who you want to be’

Save Your Breath has plenty of energy that gets distributed wisely. The production feels iffy in certain parts of the album, but it doesn’t take away how much fun this album is. This album does a great job of bringing back the more ‘poppier’ elements from the 2006-2010 pop-punk scene with well-timed electronic elements and carefree, fun lyrics. It does seem to pack just about every element of pop-punk history (electronics, bass drops, gang vocals, breakdowns, cheesy lyrics) into it. Some songs work better than others, but the overall result is still good and consistent, which is important. Save Your Breath has a few missteps, but it’s clear these boys had a blast making this album and it will be one hell of a crowd pleaser.

Rating: 8/10

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